Had my mammogram done and was waiting for the letter to say all was well, after 8 years of having a mastectomy on my right, I know the drill… Only yesterday came a letter saying I have an appointment with the consultant. I was under the breast care nurse for the last 5 years. Only have 2 weeks to w8 but it’s gonna b a long 2 weeks. Anyone else been through this and the consultant saying all fine just wanted a catch up with you??? (Fingers x)

Hi Allie204,

After a routine mammogram I had a standard recall letter for further checks, not an appointment with a consultant.

However my previous bc care was years and years ago and my current bc clinic had no current file on me.


Can you call your previous bcn to ask if it’s a general catch up or regarding the recent mammogram. Either put your mind more at rest or prepare you for 2 weeks time.


All the best, fingers crossed.

Just confirmed that it is a new lesion in the breast so at least I know what to expect when I go there xx