I have seen the oncologist whom I liked. My cancer is in three places in the bone - very small areas. She said average life expectancy would be five years and the nurse was very reluctant to say there was any chance I’d make 10. My cancer is very hormone receptive and and I’m also having chemo tablets. Has anyone got any advice on coping with the initial shock? She did say the average included lung and liver mets and old people. She said I need to wait and see how I reapond. Any thoughts welcome!

Hi Anne, I’m sorry to read your post as I know you were hoping for more answers today. I’m a little surprised to hear she’s said that to be honest as they really don’t know and it sounds like they were being very cautious. I understand it will be difficult for you but try hard not to dwell on that figure as they can only use published data and statistics, which are frequently out of date, and as she said they will include people in far worse general health than you, which is very relevant. I was told very early on that being hormone receptive means there are more treatments available, what tablets have you been started on? You’re naturally going to be shocked but try to live in the moment, (I understand much easier to say than do), I think I remember you posting that you felt so well and couldn’t believe what you’d been told, you’re still that person! Stay strong and tell yourself you’re going to show the Oncologist and nurse, you can do better than their stats!! Sending love and positive thoughts, Kxx

The tablets are anastrozole. Have you heard of them? I feel well physically and walked to and from the hospital (five miles) but can’t face seeing anyone. I feel ashamed somehow.

Thank you. She did say that as I have been diagnosed with primary and secondary at the same time she has plenty of treatments to try. I was just hoping she’d be more encouraging. I suppose they don’t want to be too optimistic

Hi Anne

It must have been a shock for oncologist to say that to you. Just wondering did you ask the question first.

I know when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer only in the August 2009 had mastectomy in the September but before starting treatment they sent me for CT scan and bone scan. Results came back I had bone mets. Like you it was a shock as I felt well with no bone pain at all.

The oncologist was very positive quoting it is classed as a chronic illness not a death sentence and there was loads of treatments.

It is early days for you once treatment starts and you get positive results things will settle down.

Stay strong.

I did ask. My husband says I was much too pushy and kept trying to get a sense of what the likety progression would be. I have three small areas - two on the spine and one on the hip. Starting anatrozole and chemo tablets and bone injections once a month. She thought that would work for a bit and then she’d have to do something else.

Thank you. I am going to go to Maggie’s tomorrow I think. You are all so wise. I wonder if I will become wise too