Appt at breast clinic

Hi everybody. I have been looking on this site since the start of the week and found it very informative and helpful. TBH I wasn’t going to register and post anything, but I thought it might stop that niggling worry I have.

I am 34 and found what I thought ‘might’ be a lump about 2-3 months ago. At first I thought it was nothing, in the past year or so my breasts have changed quite a bit getting lumpy and painful the week before my period, and then going back to normal. I’ve never had breast discomfort before my period before. When I first noticed the lump I wasn’t quite sure if it was anything or not, or just lumpiness associated with my period. I couldn’t always feel it. But just over a month ago I noticed it seemed to be there all the time, so I thought I’d monitor it over a menstrual cycle before going to the docs. Now I wish I’d gone to the docs sooner, when I didn’t know if it was a lump or not, seems silly now that I didn’t want to go incase I was wasting the docs time.

Anyway, I finally had my appt at the docs this Tuesday just gone. I saw a junior doctor who was acting at a locum at my surgery as my own doc was on holiday, she was lovely and said yes there was definitely a lump there and referred me to the breast clinic. I recieved a phonecall from the hospital with my appointment at the breast clinic literally within 3 hours of leaving the doctors surgery, which startled me a bit they contacted me so quickly, but I suppose in a way it is very good.

From what I have been reading here I know it is likely to be benign (a fibro or cyst from the feel of it), but you always get that niggling worrying feeling. My mum had a benign lump removed when she was 40 and has had no further problems since. But my mum’s mum passed away in her late 50’s from cancer which started in her lymph nodes and spread to her breast and other places.

For the past month I have felt tenderness in my left breast where the lump is (in the lower half of my breast, can feel it quite deep down). It’s like the tenderness you get before your period, but has lasted all month. Not pain as such, just feels bruised! Also for the past week I have also had a bad pain in my neck/shoulder. At first (was last weekend) I thought I’d slept funny as woke up aching, but not had it all week and it’s been terrible at night, tossing and turning. Neck and shoulder is really sore, and keep getting like a shooting pain at the back of my neck. I don’t remember pulling my neck at all, and don’t know if this could be related at all to the lump or if I am just worrying over nothing??

I have to wait til Monday 27th to go to the breast clinic, but at least now from reading this site I know exactly what to expect when I am there which has put my mind at rest.

Everybody on this forum seems so lovely, friendly and helpful. Thank you for reading my post and sorry that I have rambled on a bit, I am good at doing that lol!

Hi Stirky

Just wanted to wish you good luck for your appointment on the 27th. Also you mention neck and shoulder pain. Around the time I was diagnosed I had really bad neck and shoulder pain. I think that this was all due to the stress and worry. Although I did turn out to have breast cancer I had bone scans and ct scans after diagnoses and they were all clear.

Wishing you all the best

Nic xx

Hi Stirky,
I thought I would reply to your post as I am in the same boat as you I have an appoinent at breast clinic on Thursday, and I too recieved a phone call the same day I had seen my G.P. I have also had an achy feeling in my shoulder, neck and upper arm on the same side as the lump, though this is not a constant ache it cones an goes. As many of the ladies on here say the waiting is the worst. I can’t wait to get my appoinment over and done with as the clinic I am going to is a one stop clinic so I should have the results the same day which is a relief. I hope everything goes well for you.

Melissa xx

Thanks Nic, yes probably the pains are totally unrelated, like you say stress or even pulling it without noticing. Thanks for your well wishes xx

Thanks Melissa for your reply, fingers crossed for you all goes well on Thursday. I’ve looked on my hospital website and it says results from the clinic can take up to 2 weeks but often quicker, so I doubt I will know anything the same day. Yes the waiting isn’t nice, does all types of screwy things with your head xx

Hi stirky,

It is so difficult not to worry, it’s all such a shock to the system.
Try to keep yourself busy (easier said than done), keep posting, good luck for your appointment, take care and lots of hugs to you xx

Hi Stirky

Just wanted to say good luck with the appointment on 27th. I’m back on here 4 years after initial diagnosis (I was 40 and it was a huge shock) I had surgery and 30 blasts with the rads machine and then onto tamoxifen. I’ve just recently been given a date for recon and the whole situation is thrown up in the air by me finding a lump in my ‘good’ boob … mammo was done last Wed and I am back for ultra-sound tomorrow. My clinic is usually one stop but due to tech issues no mammo available last tuesday so the one stop idea went to 3 visits, the waiting is horrible - you imagine all sorts of things and every ache and pain is attributed to the lump … I almost convinced myself that I had cancer in both eyes when I had to really squint to read a text …turns out I just needed to clean my glasses.

Good luck again

Thanks for the replies ladies. Lilacblushes I hope all went well with the ultrasound and all is ok? Hugs xx

Well I’ve had my mind taken off things as I’ve got flu!! Just getting over the worst of it and feeling a bit better, just hope I am better for Monday as really don’t want to be coughing and sneezing all over the nurses and docs at the breast clinic! So it seems the painful shoulder and neck might’ve been due to the oncoming flu although it started a good 6 days or so before any of my flu symptoms so don’t know. Been aching all over since, been freezing cold one minute and sweating the next. So with all that I don’t know if my bood has been hurting or not as have been hurting all over (even my teeth have been annoying me), although the lump is still there, I seem to be getting obsessed with the darn thing! Will be glad when Monday comes so I can hopefully find out exactly what it is.

Hiya Stirky I was like that when I first found my lump prodding and poking it all the time I dint think you can help it once you know it’s there. Not much longer for you to wait now Hun. Hope your feeling well enough to enjoy the weekend.
Love melissa xxx

Hi Stirky I’m in the same place as you exactly, I too have been aching and prodding the lump in my breast, imagining all sorts of other lumps / bumps because I can’t leave my poor boob alone. My appointment is Tuesday 28th for an Ultrasound. I’ve been waiting for an appointment for two weeks after an initial clinic appointment and I’m turning into a raving loon! The waiting definitely does wierd things to your head. Stress, tension and bad sleeping are probably not helping! Good luck, let us know how you get on, everything crossed.

Good luck for Tuesday Spacechick xxx

Well off to the clinic in the morning, seems so long ago that I went to the docs and got this appointment!

I was thinking that hubby wasn’t too concerned as he’d told me not to worry iot’ll be fine. But this eve when he was going out the door to work, he gave me a big hug and told me not to worry about tomorrow but he said he knew that was hard as he’d been worried too. Of course that made me burst into tears, and there was I thinking he wasn’t bothered about it, dear of him. I’m sure everything will be fine, I’ll just be glad when tomorrow is out of the way!!

Good luck Stirky for appt tomorrow. Everything crossed for you. X

Best of luck for tomorrow Stirky :slight_smile: I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you. Bless your OH that’s really sweet and prob just what you needed to know xxx

Thanks Spacechick & Melissa, yes it made me realise he does care bless him.

Hope all goes well for you on Tuesday Spacechick and Melissa I hope you get some good results soon xxx

Hi Stirky,
Hope today is going ok for you I hope you can get some kind of idea what they think today. Thinking of you xxx

Well been to the clinic & all good news as they say its just breast tissue thickening, phew! Although I feel slightly perplexed and feel like I’ve been really paranoid when there is literally nothing there. I do feel a lump, is this normal for tissue thickening? The consultant didnt spend much time examining me and he didnt feel the lump, felt like I was wasting his time tbh! The US showed 2 areas of thickening, one where the consultant marked and the other near where i could feel something. Tho the ‘lump’ is quite hard to feel if i lie down. Lady that did us said only get a lump checked out if it gets bigger. Was relieved but now feel that i’ve been being paranoid and shouldnt have gone at all? I know i was right to get it checked, but feel i’ve been told there is nothing there when i know it feels like there is. Lol sounds like i’m moaning over nothing now, guess i’ll just have to keep an eye on it and stop worrying! I hope everybody else awaiting appts/results gets a good outcome. Hugs to you all xxx

Yaay! We like good news.

Please don’t feel paranoid or like you’ve wasted anyone’s time - far better to get something checked out and find it’s OK, than leave something that doesn’t turn out to be OK.


Whooo, so pleased for you xxxxxx

Stirky I’m so glad it’s turned out to be ok.

lots of folk have lumps but you have done the right thing by getting it checked so now you know that the lump is benign you can get on with your life again but it’s always important to get changes investigated just as you have done… Its far better to be checked and find its nothing than not to do anything and for it to be something.

Lulu xx

So pleased for you hun. Don’t feel like your moaning for nothing you have had a lot to moan about before you go to find out your results you have no idea what it is and so you start wondering. That can’t be helped it’s natural. Bet your OH is chuffed xxx