Appt brought forward, does that mean bad news?



I awaiting the results of a biopsy and had an appt booked for 20th Nov but then received a letter today with an appt for tomorrow.


As you can imagine this has sent my head into a spin as why would they bring my appt forward if all was ok? I know i can’t do anything until i have the results and shouldn’t let my mind wander but jeez they sure know how to make you assume the worst!


Wish me luck. At least the waiting is nearly over.

Good Luck tomorrow x

Unless anyone has been in your position then we’d only be speculating. Even if they have had their appointment brought forward, it doesn’t mean it’s for same reason.
I go with my mum for her results tomorrow too. Sleepless night for us all. Wishing you good news xx

Really good luck hunny, hope all goes well xxxx

Hope all is ok for tomorrow x

It’s bad news. I have cancer. MRI is the next step then chemo and surgery.

Hi Pooklezoom,
Really sorry to hear of your results - it’s hard to take in at results stage…once you have a treatment plan it generally helps since it gives you something to focus on getting through. Meditation, yoga and/or failing that good friends, open conversation (when u want it) and a glass or 2 of wine. Lots of support on here to help you through your journey. Some of my close friends are now like family after my journey.
Be kind to yourself