Appt through

Hi all,
Received my appt to see the Marsden surgeon for second opinion re a reduction on my ‘good’ side.

Quite worried really, sure he’ll say no but…truly hoping he won’t.

Caught between a rock and a hard place though wondering about the right thing to do.

How are the rest of you ladies?
Carole saw you CT results on bcpals, excellent news.

Jackie x

Jackie… {{{hugs}}} must admit - i have had so many thoughts / doubts as to whether i have done the right thing having the 2nd mastectomy… i will be really interested to hear what the marsden say to you about the risks of having more surgery for “stirring things up…” i’m never that sure with my unit as they have so little ibc experience unlike the marsden…

i am fine - the pain is finally decreasing since i started taking ibuprofen… i had just been on paracetamol but my physio the other day said i really needed an anti-inflammatory given the amount of swelling and bruising still from the op…


Jackie I had a reduction on my good side in Aug, i finished rads at teh very end of may. My surgoen initially said to look at having the reduction next year, but i needed it done sooner so at least i could start moving on. Op went well, good side is still a little bigger than BC side but it is still early days i am told as the tissue take about 6 months to calm down. Strangly on my BC side the boob is a lot firmer apparently thats the Rads.

rhian x

Hi Ladies,

Jackie, I will be very interested in the advice you get from the Marsden too. My plastic surgeon has agreed to a reduction on my good side so that I don’t need to have such a large reconstruction. I had decided to delay reconstruction anyway until I have completed my radiotherapy and the plan is to do both next year. I hadn’t thought there was any increased risk to the good side by having surgery. Neither my general surgeon nor the plastic surgeon has mentioned it but I know they don’t always tell you everything.

Theresa, are you taking ibuprophen as well as or instead of paracetamol? I’m still having quite a bit of pain, mostly under my arm where they poked about for the nodes rather than the wound itself. I have cording in the arm as well and it’s very painful. I’m due to have physio for that next week.

Rhian, one of the reasons I delayed my recon was because of the effect rads can have on it. Did they tell you if it would be permanent? I hope not.

Jan xx

Hi Jan

The said my cancer breast would always be firmer, I was told it was also best to wait a min 6 weeks post rads, which to be honest makes sense because it was a good few weeks after rads ( 31 sessions) that i started to feel more normal. The reduction op was pretty straight forward but i definately took longer to heal and get over the op.

My physio did a great job to help the cording she massaged my arm and it definately made a difference. I took Diclofenec ( spelling not good there sorry) as a pain killer and anti inflammatory, in fact i still take it now when i feel my lymphodema arm starting to ache and swell. The cording does get better.

Oh and when i had the reduction the tissue they removed they tested and the path lab results showed no signs of anything which was a good thing i had even thought about. As i had two lumps removed from the left side but they were just cysts but you always worry rhian xx


thanks for that :slight_smile:

Obviously the concern for my reduction is die to the skin mets along my mast scar. Would you say recovery time fro reduction was the same as mast or less? I’m hoping not to disrupt my life again too much this time round should the surgeons agree it’s a go for me!

Jackie x

I think reduction would be a walk in the park to most, a friend with no BC had a reduction recently and was back up to speed about 4 weeks later

Jackie, when is your appointment for? I wish you the very best and hope they can offer something for you.

Thanks for your good wishes


Hi Carole,

Appt with surgeon for consult is 26th November, quite a way off yet but they usually wing their way towards us quite quickly don’t they!

Rian, again thank you, that’s very reassuring.
Can’t beleive how much I want this surgery I think you’ll all have to cross your fingers for me come appt time!
Jackie x

it made me feel different, and i felt it was important it was done. My surgoen was so great about the whole thing and doing it so soon after everything else.

fingers and all bits crossed

r xxx

Fingers and everything else crossed for you Jackie. You deserve to feel and look your best.

Jan xxx