Appts through

Had 2 envelopes and a package come through post today - lots of forms , leaflets and a bottle of liquid for 3 appts next week for all the scans to check the rest of my body as I have a few cells in lymph under arm. Bit overwhelming, but at least all be done in one week. Just makes the results appt closer, which is the one I’m scared of the most. Defo choc and wine needed tonight!

Hi Tra

know exactly how you feel.  I had an  appointment for 2weeks time and had all scans done in the first week.  The 2nd week went a lot slower.  I am the same as you some found in lymph nodes.  Appt went ok, No spread anywhere that they could see, so that was a great relief.  At least then you get your plan of action and know what is going to happen approx. when.  It is so much better once you have  the fullish picture.I am having MX on tuesday and node clearance - not looking forward to it at all - but I will be gald to get that part over. I am er+ so have to have chemo too and prob hormone therapy later.  Two weeks later I will know the extent and type of cancer etc - not expecting any surprises there, hope to stick to original plan.  Fingers crossed I get through op ok without too many hiccoughs lol.  Take care - not good saying dont worry because you will, but you will know everything soon enough. x val x

Thanks Val. It does seem that this waiting bit is the worst part as it’s the unknown. All the with your op . X

Meant all the best with your op!

Yes Val please do let me know . Have a good weekend . You got important one - the wine ! X

Yes Val please do let me know . Have a good weekend . You’ve got the important one - the wine ! X