April 2019 Chemo Starters ?

Hello ladies!

I have opened up an April Chemo starters for 2019.

My first chemo is on April 1st and April 2nd (over 2 days for first session).

I’m having chemo, herceptin and perjeta every 3 weeks.

Please feel free to share your experiences!


Good Luck with your journey!

I am from April 14 thread and there are still 5 of us that have kept in contact and meet up annually!

The ladies you meet on this forum will be of the greatest support to you because they understand!

Your nearest and dearest will try their very best but cannot fully understand your emotions or how you feel!

Sadly over the coming days more ladies will be joining you and on behalf of the April 14 thread we send our very best wishes for your treatment and recovery! 


I’m pretty sure I’ll be starting chemo in April. Still to see oncologist but once I’ve seen her its all systems go apparently.  Had a horrible time with surgery, developed haemotoma which meant emergency op and various complications after that. As if the diagnosis of breast cancer wasn’t enough!


Know chemo is going to be fairly nasty but speaking to people on this platform who are experiencing the same should be so helpful. Looking forward to meeting new friends, just not in the best of circumstances!


Anyway, off to hunt for a more comfortable cushion…!

Hi ladies

I’m from Glasgow 32 years old with a 9yo daughter. Diagnosed on 28th February.


Meeting my oncologist on Monday and have my sentinel lymphnode biopsy surgery on Wednesday I believe chemo to start first week in April and going to be getting Fec-D x 6 sessions.


I’m feeling alright about it all at the minute although pretty sure it will hit me once treatment starts.


I have found all of these forums so helpful and everyone being so supportive it’s been a great way to connect with people when your needing a little virtual hug or some banter :slight_smile:


Hope everyone is keeping alright so far xx

Hiya All

I start my chemo on 3/4. Having 3 sessions of EC then 3 sessions of Docataxel, followed by 3 weeks of Radiotherapy.

goid luck to everyone having treatment x


Hi all,


I’m Amy - I live in New Malden, Surrey, I’m 46, and I have two boys (13 and 10). I’m in the process of separating (well, trying to) from my husband. So a difficult year! I found out over the weekend that I’ll be needing chemo after getting a score of 30 (high) in my Oncotype DX test. Found out while I was on the train up to London for the march on Saturday, and then burst into tears on the tube, where a very kind man comforted me! Anyway, I’m seeing my oncologist today so I’ll find out more then. At the moment these drug names mean nothing to me. I have to say I’m terrified. But of course, we have to do whatever we can to get rid of this b*****d. My surgery earlier this month went well, with lymph nodes and margin clear. But because I’m under 50, and the tumour wasn’t small (27mm), and was Grade 3, chemo was always going to be likely. 


Wishing everyone on this thread all the best for their treatment.



Isn’t it funny how you basically learn a whole new vocabulary! I found that side of it really daunting but after a few appointments and reading on this I think I get it all! I was amazed at how quick things have been happening too. Well except the waiting between results but then bang its one thing after another I can understand why people get overwhelmed by it all!


I went to  my local maggies centre last week and found it so helpful a really positive place to tap into and amazing sessions for relaxation, wellbeing and somewhere just to go for a coffee! There are so many amazing charities that I hadn’t even heard of before all of this.


Got my date confirmed yesterday I start chemo 2nd April my chemo plan has changed slightly with the addition of Pertuzumab and herceptin along with Fec-D. Means some more side affects but also means more power to get rid of the fecker :slight_smile:


Hope everyone is doing well today xxx

Hi Hannah. I start my chemo on 1 April too. I’m scared but at the same time ready to shrink this mutant inside me. I’m having Paclitaxel & carboplatin then 2 weeks of Paclitaxel , then the 2 lots etc for 12 weeks in total then 12 weeks of FEC but this will be given 3 weekly. I’m scared of needles & don’t like veins so bad a PICC line fitted on Monday. I’d like to be part of the April forum. To learn from others, offer support & know we can beat this x

Hi I had my first round of TC on 2nd April. Had a mastectomy in 18th Feb. Was treated for invasive ductal late 2017, but found a lumpy lymph node xmas 2018 which had turned out to be lobular. In all 19 lymph nodes removed and had spread to collar bone (not removed). Im really hoping the chemo  works and it’s confusing all the different options and who is on what combinations. So far I feel ok, a little bit icky but the anti sickness seem to help. Injected myself yesterday (did  t know about taking it out the fridge!) went to theatre last night even though was a bit nervous about that. Trying not to get paranoid about germs! Had very ling hair, now a short bib and dinated the lengths. Im a single mum of two teenagers, 51, no family close but good friends and neighbours. 

Morning everyone,


I am on day four of my first chemo treatment, although it hasn’t been as bad as I was expecting I have suffered with nausea, lack of energy and severe constipation. Today I have noticed a swelling between my neck and shoulder, I haven’t heard anything about this before, has anyone else experienced something similar? I am self injecting to increase my white blood cells and was told my bones would ache as the bone marrow would be more active so I don’t know if it is something to do with that.


any advice would be appreciated.


Mandy xx