April rads

I’ve had 22? sessions so far, due 25 plus 8 boosters, so I thought I’d let anyone know whats going on.
The boob is holding up well, it’s a bit tender around the surrounding area but nothing major. Th shoulder is also being zapped and that is definitely showing a deep red colour, but again skin still holding, don’t know how long for.
I have an area in the armpit which is about the size of a 50p which is extremely red and now getting sore, probably because it’s not an easy area to get the fresh air to, can’t walk round with my arm in the air all the time. I think it’s time to get the other cream they have mention during the sessions, don’t want an eruption lol

Thats the news for…

Hi Tally
sounds fairly similar to mine although I only had 20. when I want for number 18 the staff got me straight in to see the nurse and she gave me some flamazine and a gel pad that you keep in the fridge and cools the area down.
I have got some burns but they aren’t deep, and not the end of the world and I just use dry (melolin) dressings on them. Hope yours don’t come to that - you’ve done so very well!
good luck with the last few
love, monica xxx

Hi Tally,
Finished 25 rads last wednesday. Skin a dark red but holding up quite well. Just using aqueous cream. Skin feels tight and the shoulder muscle is sore. Just glad the zaps are all over.

will finish my rads next thurs. skin getting red/spotty now.

That area in my armpit is now very sore and weeping a little, just putting a dressing on until I get back to hospital on tuesday…all good fun…not, never mind, the ends in sight:)

Was issued with some intrasite gel, in a mushroom shaped dispenser and some foam dressings on my next visit there and a prescription for 14 days supply the next day, it worked wonders on my weeping underarm bit and cleared it up within 2 days. Since then my shoulder has broken out and is taking a little while longer to clear up, and an area underneath the breast is now turning sore and tender…30 sessions down, only 3 more to go…yippee lol

Hi Ladies

I finished 15 rads on the 10th March and at the time my skin was red but nothing too bad so thought I had done really well but the symptoms got worse as the days went on and my skin became very red and sore and eventually peeled off especially around the nipple area. I carried on using the aqueos cream and took painkillers, I also found that I was very sore each morning as I must sleep on the affected side which didn’t help either.

So just take it easy ladies after you have finished rads, have plenty of rest and don’t try to be superwoman, its only now that I my skin is better and I’m feeling less tired. Take notice of your own bodies and please please don’t do too much too soon.

Take care all

phillippa x

Hallo everyone
I am due for rads soon - I am going to see the rad consultant on Monday 19th April 10
I feel really frightened to have it done
What kind of advise is there for me? Can anyone maybe telling me how to prepare, etc please?


If you are the same as me then after seeing the consultant I was then booked for the ct scan and tattoos, the rad treatment started about 3 weeks later.

The thought of the rad treatment is far worse than actually having it, I found it very daunting the first few goes as its a large machine and theres lots of beeping and its very slightly claustrophobic. But I got used to it and the nurses were brilliant.

I started using aqueous cream about a week before the treatment started, don’t wash with anything other than simple soap, no deodorant and no shaving (I know its gross but the nurses don’t bat an eyelid)

My skin was sore but mostly after the treatment finished - apparently you carry on ‘cooking’ for about 2 weeks after the last treatment - which is why the skin irritation gets worse before it gets better. I was very tired for several weeks afterwards, but now 5 weeks post rads I am starting to feel a lot better, I still get tired but no where near as much as I was.

Drink loads of water and just rest as much as you can, don’t try to do too much.
Take care and let us know how you get on.
Phillippa x

Hi ladies I had my first rad on thurs last week I have three next week then two then three and so on anyone else had this?
As it was my first one I was taken into an office and a lovely nurse explained all she then showed me where to change into a gown I then joined several other ladies also waiting for rads( I was told next time just go in and change and wait to be called) oh yes a little advice take a bag to put your clothes in although there are bags provided they are used by others(I found a dirty tissue in mine so it put me off hence carried mine over my arm)
I managed ok the nurses are great I think the worst bit was keeping my arm up holding on to the bar (I did’nt recognise the music lol)just kept thinking of the rays killing any escapees)all over vert quickly.

Very best wishes to everyone love Linda


Hallooo had my second rad today arrived early as I was lucky getting a parking space and was seen straight away so I visited the foundation centre to buy some very needed deoderant bit pricey at £4.99 for a roll on but happy I have it.

I asked the lovely people who were giving me the rads why my plan differed from the other ladies I was talking to I was told we all have the same by the end of the treatment as my plan is 13 over 5 weeks that is 3 a week then 2 and so on So I am given a higher dose than the other ladies I spoke to. Thought some of you may find this information interesting.

Love Linda

Hello Linda,

Thanks for updating the thread. I’m waiting for my appointment with the Onc so that I can find out how many and over how long. I’m at Guildford too, so have accepted my mother’s offer to help and she will be driving me which means I won’t have to worry about car parking (well, not personally!)

Hope its going well (apart from the car park obviously). Have you tried any treatments in the Fountain Centre yet, or just shopped?

Debs x

Hi Debs I worked out the parking I expect you know its behind the main hospital(St Lukes Centre)If you are coming from Guildford you turn right at the small round about(don’t do what I did and end up in Tesco’s car park) its the round about after that one then turn directley left when I drove in I thought I had taken a wrong turning.
When you get to the St Lukes Centre on your left drive past it and bear to your right which takes you into the radiotherapy only car park don’t worry if there is a que as people are in and out very quickly as there are 7 machines so when I go tomorrow I won’t get so stressed easy when you know!!!when you get your appointments you will be given a yellow parking ticket(you can not use that car park without one and you pay £1.50 for however long your in there(cant use a dissabled badge though)! Sorry to rant on about this but if sxomeone had explained this to me life would have been so much easier. I have not used the Fountain centre but when i went there I was shown around and it seems very nice but I don’t think I will go as I get rather nervous in new places. good luck love Linda