April surgery confirmed....

Today I met my new consultant,  transferred as I’ve been outsourced to a private hospital so have to change the doctor.  After not seeing anyone since January…I started to feel a fraud.  Is it weird that I thought that she wouldn’t find the tumour? 

She spotted it without touching it…I felt relived that I wasn’t making it up! 

Then upset as she talked through the lumpectomy surgery and impact ( my 25mm tumour is right on the nipple! ) 

Positive news I can stop my tamoxifen today… hate that stuff!

2 week countdown… tomorrow is pre op. 

  • Good luck to everyone going through surgery this month xx

Hi Lunatic21

On behalf of everyone at Breast Cancer Now I am sending you our warmest wishes ahead of surgery in the coming weeks. 

We have information here which may be useful: breastcancernow.org/information-support/facing-breast-cancer/going-through-treatment-breast-cancer/surgery

If in the coming weeks you feel like chatting to someone in our nursing team, you can reach us on freephone 0808 800 6000 (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm; Sat 9am-1pm).

Sending our love


Hi Lunatic 21

We met on a previous surgery topic in March, but I see your are concerned about your lumpectomy and the location and size of tumour so thought it might help you hear from someone similar.  My surgery was exactly three weeks ago today, my tumour which was scanned as 12.5mm was directly behind the nipple, when I went for my results appointment after biopsy my surgeon advised me he would remove the nipple area as it was so close to the tumour but not the areola area. 

At my post surgery appointment he advised me the tumour they had removed was actually 42mm.  I was a DD but still have a good cup size and the nipple may not be there but I also still have a good area of areola.  Whilst it does take a little bit of adjustment overall I am extremely please with the outcome of my surgery, the reality is far far better than I had imagined.

I hope this will help give you some peace of mind and you won’t find the next week quite so stressful.

Hope you surgery goes well.  Good Luck.


Good luck, I’m also having my surgery next week so isolating from tomorrow.  Hope everything goes well for you x