Aqeuous cream with sodium lauryl sulfate and Skin Irritation

I finished my radiotherpy treatment in September and am now on Anastrolzole.


Since starting the Anastrolzole I kept getting a rash in patches on my arms and legs mainly round the wrists, ankles and knuckles but also on the calves. I know that a rash can be a side effect of Anastrolzole but it was strange that the rash seemed to clear up and then return. 


I think I may have solved the problem - I was using aqeuous creams and had two pots of cream in use. I thought they were both the same but they arent . The one I used on most days has sodium lauryl sulfate in it, the other, a smaller pot that I used less frequently, doesnt.


It appears that the Aqeuous cream with sodium lauryl sulfate may be the culprit. I’ve stopped using it altogether and the red patches have cleared up alot. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I might have stumbled across the answer.


Has any one else had similar problems with Aqeuous?



Hi baylissa
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Lucy BCC

I’ve been trying to draw attention to this problem for a couple of years, when I found out that radiotherapists used it regularly. If you use Aqueous Cream as a soap replacement, making sure it is rinsed off afterwards, it will cause no problems. I used it on my legs as a moisturiser and my skin became very thin and fragile. Then I found out about SLS and its effects, so stopped. I now get Doublebase cream and Balneum cream on prescription. However, E45 is safe, Sudocreme is also a good one, but quite thick and doesn’t spread over the skin as easily as E45. Good luck. xx