Archived threads in DCIS/LCIS forum

Hi, I’ve noticed that a lot of threads in the DCIS/LCIS forum have been moved to Archive, it’s the most recent threads that have been posted in 2018, even just a few days ago.


I can’t see how it makes sense to archive recent threads from 2018 and not those from 2017, as only posts from October 2017 and earlier remain in the DCIS/LCIS forum. So members looking for DCIS threads and info may miss a few.


Can the moderating team look into this please? As an example: the below thread in red has been moved from the DCIS/LCIS forum  




Hi Jane

Thank you for highlighting this.  We have been doing a lot of archiving on the Forum over the last weeks.  The archiving of these particular threads was in error and is being rectified.

Best wishes
Digital Community Officer

Same question re this thread please, which was in “Going through treatment /surgery” and is now buried in public archive and so doesn’t come up in forum searches for TUG any more:


Thanks very much