Are Blood tests still needed on these medications?

So Ive been finished with active hospital treatment (chemotherapy & radiotherapy) since March 2023.

And was discharged / giving the all clear June 2023.

However im still on hormone therapy Anastrozole and Zodalex. Is it normal to have no blood tests on these medications?

I did ask my breast nurse in the appointment back in June 2023 when i was given the self guided aftercare booklet but I think she said no and also its more oncologys thing.

I know everyone’s cancer and treatment is different but i follow others journeys on social media and i see them still getting blood tests and things and it just makes me worry maybe I’ve been missed and should be getting these checks.

I was also recently put on suppliments after investigating hip and joint pains turns out I have bone thinning in my hip and lower spine.

I do have another appointment in February with my oncologist to follow up with the bone issues and a postive ANA which has led to a referral to Rheumatology so i can ask there i suppose?

Sorry if the question sounds silly
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

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You could maybe ask the nurses on the forum about this by posting in the Ask our Nurses your questions section or by giving them a ring ?

0808 800 6000

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Hello Kirstief, I am on Letrozole since 11 Nov and am having blood tests for cholesterol monthly for 3 months and then quarterly thereafter. This was advised by the oncology pharmacist as i already have high cholesterol and diabetes. I made it a condition for taking the drug but oncologist would not have offered it otherwise. I asked my gp for the tests. Simililarly my oncologist said i dont need blood tests on Herceptin but nurses at infusion suite say protocol is to test after 6 injections so i will be insisting. Love Tulip x