Are dents worse than lumps?

I am waiting for my 2 week breast clinic appointment due to spotting a dent in my breast last Monday. The wait is horrendous and I am now convinced I must have breast cancer! I have a 12&14 yr old and the thought of leaving them is so awful!
I can understand lumps not being cancerous but a dent and a couple of dents now that I keep looking every hour, is really making me convinced it’s cancer.
Anyone had dents and it not be cancer? Or do I need to prepare for the worst? Can’t think of any reasons why a dent would appear without it being cancer!

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Hello @sunflower11
I am so sorry that you find yourself here and are having to wait for the answers you need.
Unfortunately the only place you will get the answer will be once the breast team have carried out all their tests.
I know it is very easy to say try not to worry, but worrying is not going to change the situation or outcome, and the best advice for now is try to take each day as it comes and distract yourself as best you can from your concerns.
If you are minded to do so and you are someone who likes to be prepared you may wish to read some of the information on the main BCN website about some of the tests are likely to be carried out your appointment (eg mammogram, ultrasound and possibly a biopsy). You may be aware that breast clinics try as much as they can to be a one stop shop but they may not be able to give you a definitive answer there and then (particularly if a biopsy is taken as the sample will need to be analysed in a lab)
Your anxiety and worries are completely understandable and as much as you are fearing what may lay ahead for you, concern about your children and the impact on them can easily overtake your own fears.
What may help you to know is that IF you receive a BC diagnosis, Breast Cancer world is very different from what you may be imagining, unfortunately it is one of the most common cancers but that means it is also one of the most treatable, you would very surprised to know quite how many ladies (and men!) there are who live long healthy lives after a diagnosis and treatment
Another thing to understand and appreciate is that Breast Cancer world is full of the kindest and most understanding people you could ever wish to meet, please don’t hesitate to post on the forums and speak to the nurses and other support organisations that exist.
Keeping my fingers crossed for you at your appointment
AM xxx


Thank you so so much! Your response is exactly what I needed and I am so grateful to you x


I ll try not to panic information is key for me so I ll do some research x

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Hi @sunflower11

I am so sorry to hear what you’re going through. The forum is full of helpful, supportive people like @adoptedmanc and I hope you find it useful.

Please also know that our breast care nurses are always here to talk things through over the phone, email or on the forum.

Sending our love,