Are These Inflammatory Breast Cancer Symptoms or not?

I have posted Last Night in the ‘Have I Got Breast Cancer?’ Forum but as my Questions are specifically about Inflammatory Breast Cancer I thought it might be wise to post them here as well. Yesterday My Mum showed me a rash she has on her Right Breast. It is a small reddy pinkish patch with two small red spots on it. She says it is itchy and sore but the soreness is more like a stinging feeling you might get from a rash. She says she thinks she can feel a lump behind it but she’s not sure if that’s a lump in her actual breast or just the rash feel like a lump. She says it is not an achy pain just a painful soreness. Does this sound like Inflammatory Breast Cancer Symptoms or not? Does it present itself as itchy or what were your initial Symptoms if it’s Ok for Me to ask? She went to the Hospital to have a Lump investigated in November and that came back as Benign from the tests. As Inflammatory Breast Cancer is always an advanced type of Breast Cancer would something have been picked up in November or not?

Thank You .

Dear ib and mum,
My advice would be for your mother to go to the gp, and ask to be seen again by the breast clinic. Just to be sure.
There are lots of non-BC reasons for red patches and itchy breasts, but any change from what’s normal for your mum is worth investigating.
Are these IBC symptoms you are asking, I don’t know. Sorry. I had ibc, but it was much different from what you describe (mine was more like having orange peel skin, and a breast that grew two cup sizes over a fortnight, and a hot area red skin around the nipple, and a mastitis like swollen breast, and referred pain throughout my arm). Other ibc ladies may have had different presentations at the start.
From what you write however, i would not be too worried. Please urge her to see her GP though, and get it checked out. Just in case. And get a referral to be sure.
Fingers crossed, hoping your mum can find out soon what is causing this, and help in sorting it out.

warm wishes,