Are you embarrassed about your diagnosis? I notice lots of views but very few responses to people.

I wonder why people read and then don’t post?

Looking at the numbers there must be about 1% response rate to posts.

Are we scared of saying the wrong thing?

Are we scared to admit it ourselves?

Just wondered…

No. Not afraid to say the wrong thing. Not afraid of admitting any shortcomings. Just an adult who responds if I have something helpful or supportive to say but who also knows the value of stepping back if I have nothing to add. 

Thank you for your concern regarding how people choose to use the forum. Sorry if they don’t always fit in with your expectations.

Hi Lola,

As the other lovely ladies have said…

There’s no right or wrong, just post here or not, depending on what you feel or need & just ignore the view stats. 

 I’ve learnt a lot from just reading posts & will not generally respond if I don’t have anything new to add, or if the issue is out of my experience with bc. 

Emabarrased? definitely not!

Do take care & do come & chat or vent whenever you need to. 

Sending hugs

ann x


Hi Mslola, I love Sats too. So sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I’m in no place to reply really as I’m waiting for results, and can’t imagine what you must be feeling. I’m already angry and upset, and I only had a biopsy. Of course you will feel angry, perhaps even grief. The ladies on here will support you. They be helped me. I find just posting, but no reply helpful to me. You can call the nurses also. Keep posting Mslola. X