Are you in Enfield or surrounding areas?

My local hospital is always so busy in the breast care unit, that there must be others on the forum who live near me, and would like to meet for a chat or a phone call of support!
Sandra xxx

I live in Enfield. I had mx in Barnet Hosp. Had chemo and rads in North Middlesex Hosp. I had last rad on Wednesday. I am currently having herceptin at North Middlesex.

I live in East London. I had a mx and reconstruction on 1st march and I am about to start chemo. Can travel as not too far away.

Hi Cat
What hospital do you attend? East London! bit of a journey to Enfield isn’t it. perhaps when you and l feel up to it we could meet half way, at the moment l am going back into hospital on 14th to have more surgery, l am very tearful at the moment, after finding l have 16/18 lymph nodes positive. still trying to get my head round it
Love to you
Sandra x