I’ve spent the past week phoning Pharmacies trying to access my usual Brand of Letrazole which is Accord with no luck and having spoken with both large PHARMACIES like Boots; Lloyds and Morrison’s plus lots of small privately owned Pharmacies, they are ALL saying the same thing ALL Brands of Letrazole, like so many other Drugs that are routinely taken by patients, are unavailable. 

Apparently I just have to hunt for a Pharmacy that may have some still in stock otherwise discuss situation with GP.

Is anyone else facing this problem and what has your Consultant suggested?



That sounds really worrying , have you managed to get some now ?

Yes, I’ve had the same problem. Been on the Accord brand for nearly 4 years apart for 2 months at the beginning when I was given the Crescent brand which made me feel as if I could have gone for a walk and not come home, don’t ever want to feel like that again! Consultant then informed GP that the Accord brand should be stipulated on further prescriptions. All was going well until last week when Boots my usual chemist gave me 2 different brands but I handed them back and tried another chemist where  I managed to get 6 weeks worth of Accord and I’d get at text when they got more in. Received the text and went to collect today to find the 2 weeks I was short isn’t the Accord brand but Sun. The lady did try to source Accord on their system from their supplier but to no avail. Going to take this brand on alternate days with my usual Accord brand and hope I don’t have any reactions and when I’m due my next prescription hopefully things will be back to normal.