Are you on Letrozole? Please take part in this .......

Yes 2.5mg per day. Crescent had no side effects except haur thinning. But pharmacist can’t source it. Sun for 2 weeks and pain in joints, spine, arms and hands. Beginning 2 weeks Glenmark tomorrow

My brand was changed to Amarox for the second packet. I have found these better than the Sun pharma ones. Aching is minimal this time and only the odd hot flush which is great, I still take them around 9pm, which I find is still ok. Also taking Calcichew calcium tablets, which are definitely making my nails stay longer. They were always breaking, so a win there.

My letrozole is Sun. I started the 2nd pack this week.
Slightly achy knees for 1st 2 weeks. A little more hair wrapped around the vacuum filter and in the shower plug trap but not noticeable to others. I’m starting chemo in next couple of weeks so that will be irrelevant. I have to stop letrozole then too.
I take them 8 to 9pm with a half mug of water followed by a mug of mint tea.

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