Areola changed size, breast grown now found dimple

Stressing out due to finding a dimple under my nipple/areola when lifting breast up (large ‌‌) at the beginning of the year it noticed my right areola had gotten bigger (looked to have gotten longer) and then in the summer notice the same breast had grown, it now Spills out my bra. On Christmas eve I found this dimple on the same breast. I went to the doc on Christmas eve and have been referred to NHS breast clinic. 

I also had a lump in the same breast 2 and a half years ago, biopsy came back benign.

Breast cancer is in the family fathers mum dies of it ages 47, mothers mum diagnosed in 70’s. I am 30.

I am just looking to find out if you think this could be breast cancer? Are these very common symptoms of breast cancer?

Can anyone give me an idea if you have had the same symptoms and what your outcome was? 


Hi Skycloud

It is normal to feel stressed when we notice changes to our body. You already did a very good thing to speak to your GP, and get referred to the breast clinic.

While waiting for that appointment, if you wished to speak to our team of breast care nurses, you can reach them on freephone 0808 800 6000 (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm; Sat 9am-1pm). The helpline will reopen on Monday 4 January. Our support is free, and our nurses are friendly, patient and entirely unjudgmental, so please do not think twice about calling.

Sending you our love, and best wishes for 2021.