Areola Tattooing

Hi everyone.  I’m wondering if anyone has had areola tattooing done?  If so I have a few questions I would like to ask.  The main one being, if you had the procedure done on the NHS, how did you feel once the nipple faded?  I imagine it to be a bit heart breaking! Thank you in advance. 

Hi,  No need to assume they fade. I had mine done by an NHS BCN nearly 2 years ago. It is excellent and has not faded to any degree, if it does I can have a “top up”.  

Hi Mastectomyart and Bluebelltime,

I’m glad someone’s brought up this question, as I shall have it to face myself sometime.

I read various other previous posts, some time ago, (check other prev Forum posts for), about some peoples Nip Tatts (sorry!!) “fading”, and having to have them re-done. And others not. I’d prefer to know how to avoid the former/difference, as, who on earth, would want to have to repeat the procedure? I certainly wouldn’t want to repeat the discomfort of! 

Is there some qualification/government on such?? Does anyone know??

On an amusing note, though, what an interesting answer to: What’s your line of work? - I’m a Nipple Tattooist!! Certainly very different!


Hi. I had mine done back in 2012. The BCN tried twice and it didn’t take. So my surgeon did it the third time.  It has faded quite a bit but is still partly there. I think I remember them saying some people’s skin just seems to take to it better than others. I guess you won’t know until you give it a try x