Arimidex (Anastrozole) Leg Pain And Possible Anxiety....

Hi, don’t know how many guys you get on here, but I was prescribed Arimidex to lower my Estrogen levels.  I’m on TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) and apparently my Estrogen levels are high.  At any rate, I’ve been taking Arimidex for 5 days now and muscles, especially my legs, calves or perphaps the tendons are weak and hurt very badly when I move.  It’s especially painful after I’ve been sitting for a while and then get up.  My first question is, is this temporary and if so,  how long will this last?  I handle temporary, but if this is a permanent thing…no way!

I’m taking 1mg a day.  I’ve been reading Bodybuilder forums and see a lot of guys are prescribed 0.5mg or 0.25mg every other day, because the half life is so long…something like 200 hours.  I’ll talk to my doctor, but I  want to alter mine to 0.5mg EOD too until my body adapts to this…assuming it’s temporary.  I’m hoping it is.  I don’t consider myself a BB and the only steroid I take is Test for my low T.  I figure if other guys who are taking 2,4, 5 or more different steroids just to get big and take 0.5mg EOD, then that should surely work for me.  I forget what my doctor told me.  My Estrogen level was either 70 or 90.  I don’t have any Gyno and that’s why he prescribed this for me, to keep my from getting it.

I have one other question.  Does anastrozole/Arimidex cause anxiety?  I have BiPolar II and I also have a severe case of Panic Disorder.  I’m wondering if the Arimidex is causing it to flare up or is this just a normal (if you can call a Panic Attack normal) flare up and again, if so, will this go away?  Will I  stabilize and once again…how long will it take?

I wouldn’t change my dose, if it wasn’t for these two side effects.  It’s also affecting my mood, like…I love anything Star Trek.  I was watching Star Trek: Voyager on Netflix, a sad episode and I cried.  I love Star Trek, Star Wars, anything Sci-Fi or fantasy, but I don’t cry with TV shows.  I’m sure it’s a side effect of the Arimidex.  That’s really no big deal, didn’t bother me, but the other two side effects,  I can’t deal with, so I’m hoping this is a temporary thing.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I made a previous thread, screwed up on it, tried to edit it but couldn’t find a place to delete it so I remade this one so I could receive emails when I get replies.  If an admin could delete the other one, thanks.

Hi S,may be worth asking your questions in the ask the nurses section of the site.I think a lot of people do find the side effects settle down after a few weeks but everyone is different and some people suffer far worse side effects than others .Ladies on these drugs in the UK have found that different brands of the drug can have worse/better impact in terms of side effects so if things don’t settle down may be worth trying a different brand .If it is badly affecting your anxiety would suggest discussing this with your doctor as there may be alternatives . .Good luck .