Have been keeping a diary on my Arimidex flushes and it appears that they increase on the days I have a couple of glasses of white wine. Anyone else noticed this?

Not yet, but am going to see ONC this afternoon, I am going to ask him that very question re alcohol cos I will be taking some Hormone possibly Arimadex and like you I like a couple of glasses of the grape!. Will let you know what he says.


Hi girls

Saw my GP this morning and he advised only having alcohol to a maximum of 3 times a week and only 2 glasses each time. Says it will help with the hot flushes, the slight dizziness I have and more importantly the weight gain. He also advised to take one aspirin a day as this will help the joint issues whilst on Arimidex. Will be interested Norma to see what your ONC has said too.

Love K

Hi Girls

Saw my GP today who advised drinking only 3 days per week and only 2 glasses each time, walking every day to help with the joint problems, trying to lose some weight and perhaps taking 1 aspirin each day to help with the aches. Easier said than done!

Love K

So could that be interpreted to a glass a day and one alcohol free day?!! Re weight - I do find a glass of wine makes me very hungry. 75 mg aspirin daily is good for your heart.

Hi Olivia

Never thought of it that way, the struggle there would be what day without a glass of wine!


Hi Kelly
Hi Kelly
He has put me on Tamoxifen. He asked if I drink and said yes 2 or 3 glasses in the evenings to unwind and he never batted eyelid ( and what a lovely eyelid). He was Dr Shah at Lister in Stevenage and he told me that they have got rid of the cancer and the hormone and rads treatment is to ensure it doesn’t return.
So lets raise our glasses to all of us going this thing !

Love and best wishes to all!



As I average about a glass of wine a week (and that’s probably overstating it) you may share my quota amongst you. Wine just keeps me awake and there’s not much point in washing 25mg of Zopiclone down with a stimulant!! I know there’s an argument that says if you drink enough then it’ll make you sleep, and that’s true for about 90 minutes and then I’m wide awake and ready for a day’s work.

I must say my flushes have calmed down since going from Tamoxifen to Arimidex but then we haven’t really had any hot nights to speak of this so-called summer.

Thanks for the aspirin tip as I now notice that when I wake up in the morning the joints nearest my fingertips are starting to ache which is very disappointing. Knees have been aching like Billy-O (whoever he is) but an hour out on my bike seems to take care of that. On which note I close because the sun is out and my iPod and helmet await …

Kelly - I think it all depends on the size of the glass!!!

My hubby has advised a pint sized one??

Joking aside, I have made a decision to really try hard to lose some weight, only have the docs recommendation re the wine and do what I can to exercise, a bit difficult though with a severely physically disabled son who is wheelchair bound - it is difficult to get out about - I am his full time carer - I do get plenty of exercise at home as he keeps me up and down all day and 5 or 6 times a night. Its a wonder I am not a 6st waif with muscles on my arms like Arnie.

Anyone got any recommendations for a good exercise DVD - prepared to try anything.

Love K


Don’t beat yourself up about the weight. I know its healthier not to carry too much weight but seems to me girl that you have enough on your hands. You sound like a Supermum.

Lots of luck to you all.