Arimidex and hair loss?

Hello out there. Has anyone who’s been on Arimidex had a problem with hair loss? I’ve just switched to Arimidex after two relatively symptomless years on Tamoxifen (a few niggles there at the start but I quickly got over them). This morning after washing my hair I noticed a larger than normal amount of hair coming out in the brush and I was a bit freaked since I don’t want to go through hair loss again. I was totally bald from chemo and once is enough! Is this just a spring moult or what? I’d appreciate some feedback on this.

I have been taking letrozole - an aromatose inhibitor like arimidex - for over 5 years. I first noticed that my hair was thinning about 3 years ago under the changing room spotlights at Debenhams. I mentioned this to the oncologist who checked with the rep and apparently it can be a side effect of aromatose inhibitors. However I understand that the hair only thins slowly and it is only now after 5 years that the problem has become much more obvious. I think it is something to do with oestrogen deficiency affecting the growth of new hair follicles.

I’m not sure if this affects everyone or just people who have a genetic tendency towards hair thinning. My hair has always been fine and I could never grow it to below shoulder length when I was in my teens much to my disgust as I wanted to look like Cathy McGowen. (For anyone under the age of 55, she was a presenter in the 60s with lovely long dark hair).

I have no medical knowledge but from what I have read about aromatose inhibitors, I don’t think a lot of hair comes out at once.

Good luck

Wendy x

Wendy–Thanks for your feedback. I suppose by now (My op & chemo was 2 years ago) I’d be used to the occasional kick from behind but there you go! I’ll have to remember not to pull my hair out when the going gets tough because apparently it will do that all by itself . The scary thing about the hair thing is that my Mum went very thin on top when she was my age. Sigh. All the best to you. Patsy