Arimidex and headaches

Wasn’t sure whether to post this in secondaries or on the Arimidex thread - but thought best to put it here as I’m panicking a bit :frowning:

Have been on Arimidex for nearly three weeks now - no real problems with joint pain, just a bit stiff in the mornings. My problem is that I’ve had a constant headache for the last five days accompanied by a dizzy feeling if I move my head too quickly or get up from a chair too fast. I’ve had a cold/chest infection/virus thing for which I’ve been taking antibiotics and am wondering (hoping) that it’s a sinus infection or middle ear thing. Naturally though my thoughts have turned to brain mets and the more I worry and stress about that, the worse the headache gets :frowning:

Am seeing my onc tomorrow anyway for a routine appointment so will mention it then, but just wondered if anyone else has suffered headaches on Arimidex or has had a similar sinus infection which has caused these sort of symptoms.

Lesley xx

Hi Lesley,

I had lots of different symptoms when I went onto Arimedex and some old ones that re awoke for a while.
I have had some dreadful sinus infections to and it might even be the antibiotics causing the problem but always good to get checked out.

Let us know how you get on.


Thanks Tess - have taken some strong sinus pain tablets tonight which seem to have shifted the headache, but still feeling dizzy - still hoping it’s a middle ear infection

If it’s Arimidex side effects then I’m prepared to continue with it for as long as it works …