Arimidex any information on SE's?

I started taking Arimidex tabs yesterday. I wonder if anyone out there can give me any information about their SE’s on these tablets. I have been dreading having to start taking them as lots of people seem to have varying SE’s on all of the different Hormone Therapy tabs. I would be interested to here from other people taking these tablets.

Many Thanks,

Isabelle xxx


I’ve had quite a lot of the side effects but everyone is different and even with the SEs, I’d rather have them than nothing and risk it getting worse !! Even if arimidex doesn’t suit you, there are others you can try - think it’s a bit hit and miss with SEs. My mum’s been on arimidex for 7 yrs and doesn’t get too many side effects.


Hi Isabelle
I have been taking Arimidex for nearly 2 years now.
My SE have been stifffness in my fingers and my legs esp first thing in the morning. These SE have diminished with time.
I also have hot flushes which although a bit of a pain do not last too long.
Good luck with the tablets. My oncologist thinks they are the best tablets and all tabs have SE.
Sue xx

Isabelle so pleased you posted this as I took my first Arimidex this evening and had been wondering the same thing. Thanks Sue and Liz for your replies Jackie

Hello Ladies,
Thank you all for your very helpful comments.
It’s always good to know that know matter what you want to ask about on here there is always someone ready to come up with some helpful answers.
Jackie, it’s good to see someone else at the same stage with their tablets as myself, perhaps we can compare notes or SE’s together as we travel along this next part of our journey.

Many thanks for your helpful replies,

Isabelle xxx

Hi ladies … I have been on Arimidex for two and a half years, and am coping OK. As Lizcat said, better to have some minor side effects than have the cancer return. I think the worst thing for me is vaginal dryness. I did have hot flushes for a while, but they have diminished. Also I get a bit stiff in the joints early in the morning, but that could be old age creeping on (I am 63).

Good luck with your treatments.

Thanks Scrabblenut,
That’s one of the things I worry about as I am in a fairly new (six years)relationship, and I don’t want all the best bits of life going down the swannie! I went through an early menopause starting at 44 yrs old,I’m now 56 and it’s a long way behind me but my BCN says it will be like going through it all again, something esle to look foreward to eh!
It’s nice to hear from someone in Australia, my sister and her family have lived out there for 47 years, I was only nine when she left England she is a lot older than me and was married with a little boy of 3 yrs before she left, the years roll on.
Thanks for your information, keep in touch if you would like to.

Best Wishes,

Isabelle xxx

It’s good to get some feed back and all the way from Oz too thanks Scrabblenut. Yes Isabelle it would be good to share info as we are at the same stage of this journey. I can see your concerns about one of the s/e esp being in a newish relationship. Am single and likely to stay that way ( am OK with that) so cannot report back on that. It is much cooler here today and quite a bit of rain this afternoon so that may help. Decided to take the tabs in the evening as I read on one of the threads that it may help with joint acheyness ( sp ) will try it and see what happens. Good Luck Jackie

Hello Ladies

reading this post with interest as I’m starting Arimidex end of the month (suuposed to be 27th July). I had my ovaries and tubes out last week so will be finishing tamoxofen and swapping over. Didn’t have hot flushes with T so fingers crossed I don’t with Arimidex.

Fingers crossed for you other Ladies just starting too.


Hello Ladies,
Now on day 12 of Arimidex tabs and no SE’s yet, fingers crossed. I hope everyone else is doing ok.

Isabelle xxx

Hi. I am due to start taking my arimidex tablets on Tuesday so can I join in your discussions? I am apprehensive probably because I have read up too much on se’s. It would be interesting to compare notes though.

Hello Petal,
Please feel free to join in.
It will be interesting to compare notes as we are all starting out on this next part of our bc journey. I hope all of our SE’s are not too bad.

Have a good day everyone.

Isabelle xxx

Dear Isabelle- I’m about 10 years older than you and have now been on Arimidex for 18 months now.

Even though they are a pain in the neck, I do think that my hot flushes & night sweats have decreased with time - and I really recommend that you invest in a good electric fan for the hot nights- mine has made a huge difference.

Though I had existing arthritic knes and shoulders I really don’t think the arimidex has made them any worse and I haven’t had the sort of joint pains in hands and feet that some other people report.

Hope this is encouraging. Good luck!

Hi Ladies not sure what to expect still only 14 days on with Arimidex.Hot flushes well yes but it is v. hot here. And was having them anyway. No aches yet really dreading that. Have been looking at Chillow pillows as hot flushes do disburb my nights sleep, but did any way.I have to believe that the tabs do some long term good. Any more info would be good ladies. Jackie

Hi ladies,
Thanks for all your helpful comments. Now on day 15 of Arimidex it’s like a bl—y count down! Have been having something like the hot flushes I used to have but it has been quite warm so that hasn’t helped. I have had back problems for a few years now so I will just keep an eye on things and see how they progress or not hopefully!
Going for rads setup tommorrow, never had tattoos before, a first time for everything, your never too old !!!
My spelling on here is getting worse by the day, have to correct everything I write, SE’s maybe!!!

I hope everyone has had a good day,

Best Wishes,

Isabelle xxx

First one down - how many to go - about 1,825 ! OMG !

I was interested to read Libbys comment about taking Arimedex in the evening to help with joint stiffness…has this worked,I take mine in the morning…have been taking them for three months now and that is the only s/e so far I am experiencing…

Hi Everyone, I’ll also be interested to know whether taking the Arimidex at night helps with the stiffness etc. I’ve been on them for about 6 weeks now and started getting the aches and pains about 3 weeks ago. I’ve just started taking Glucosamine with Chondroitin and MSM as apparently it’s supposed to help, but I’ve only been on them a couple of days so nothing to report yet. I’m away tomorrow until Thursday so I’ll check back in then.

Hope everyone is feeling well today. Love, Dianne x x x

Hi xwordnut and Dianne I will have been taking Arimidex for 4 weeks come Tues next so not long really. I had read on one of these threads that someone thought taking it in the evening helped. As I got mine on the way home from afternoon appt with Onc I did this and so far, not very far admiitedly, I have been OK. Hope I’m not pushing my luck. I was already taking Glucosamine. Had been taking the version with Chondritin but couldn’t get it last time I bought some.Was already having hot flushes and these seem not too disimilar from before, more subjective than aching I know. Perhaps they are shorter and sharper if anything.Hope this settles down for you. Have a lovely break Dianne. Hugs Jackie

Hi have been on arimidex for 6 months now. Have developed a dry cough
which is being treated as gastric reflux. Has anyone else had this?
Have usual stiffness until I get going! Beldie