arimidex blues

Hi, I have just finished chemo and started arimidex 4 days ago. Today I have terrible pains in my legs etc and feel very depressed and weepy. Is this part of arimidex side effects? I am 39 and have had full hysterectomy 4 years ago hence the use of arimidex. I suffer depression any way and am on medication for this. i am hoping I do not feel like this for 5 years !! I hada grade 3 2.5cm tumour which is very strongly ER +++ so need to take some kind of hormone treatment. I also want to lose all this chemo weight. Help, I feel like an old woman before my time.


Hi Rach

I started Arimidex about three weeks ago and I too keep thinking - is this a side-effect. At the weekend I had massively achy legs, constant headache, nausea and was extremely emotional. It was just a virus and after three days i am back to normal! I have to say I am a bit more emotional at the moment but I think that’s only to be expected - we have been to hell and back! I have suffered from mild depression too so I’m also wary about my mental state starting to spiral down - but so far I’m fine. Yes, I’ve had a few bad days - but as long as there are some good days too then I’ll get through them. It is good news that you are so ER+ - mine was 8/8 - maximum - is that the same as yours - I’ve never seen more than ER+++ on the forums.

Are you having any rads? - I seem to be losing a bit of weight whilst on the rads - not enough mind - but every little helps!

I was told that if I did get any Arimidex side effects at the beginning - most are only transient and should disappear after a few weeks - three months. I know some people have really struggled with Arimidex, but then a lot of people have absolutely no problem either. Just make sure you are getting enough calcium and Vit D3.

Good luck! Looby x

Thanks Looby. Yes My rads start on 11th September until 9th October. Seem to be constantly hungry so worried I will get even bigger.


Hi Rach

How are you feeling now?


Hi Looby, i am feeling better now than i was but i think tiredness plays a part after 5 months of chemo. I walked round Salisbury today with no problem. I am going to try some gentle exercise this week - only walks to local town rather than use the bus. I also didn’t take my antidepressant at night for a couple of days as ran out and i think made me feel worse. Thanks for your concern.Hope your bank holiday is going ok

Glad to hear you’re feeling better - just keep taking good care of yourself. I’m sure tiredness is quite normal for most of us - but just do things gradually. I think at the end of treatment there is a strange hiatus and it will be very easy to feel down but make sure you schedule some treats and other things to look forward to and hopefully we’ll get through it fine. If you feel miserable, shout!

Take care, Looby

hi, just wondered if anyone else had this on Arimedex, I started just over 1 weeek ago, and this afternoon have started to have really bad waves of feeling sick and dizzy - has anyone else?

After about a couple of weeks I felt awful - terrible headaches, nausea, achy etc but I had a temperature too. I was blaming the Arimidex or radiotherapy but I had to see a doctor at the hospital before my treatment and he though it was just a viral infection. Couple of days later it was gone. Hope yours is the same!