arimidex bone loss ..sooo saggy!

Hi all. I have been on arimidex for approx 4years. Dexa scan offered and taken at start was oesteopenic. was prescribed alendronate for bone loss adcal or vit D mentioned. Had new dexa done in september 2010- bone loss continued now oesteoporosis,dispite the bone strengthening stuff. Was told by gp ‘unusual but not unheard of’… oh right! anyone else had this? Also… skin is soo saggy,floppy,lined and old!!

I started taking Arimidex 3 months ago and had a scan a few weeks later. It showed oestopaenia(? spelling)The person doing it said that by the next scan, if I took Fosamax, my bone density would be better. GP was reluctantto give me Fosamax and gave me Adcal but now says oncologist recommends bone strengthening drugs. I see my GP tomorrow so would like to know what other people are taking?

Hi all,
I have been on Arimidex since Feb 2006 (had to stop tamoxifen due to PE). I was not given a dexa scan at the start, but had a dexascan in 2005(a year before starting it) after my ovaries were removed.
I was advised by GP scan was “normal” and “no further treatment required”. However, in Nov 2006, I saw a different GP about joint pain, and she commented that my scan had showed I had osteopenia(!) Alarmed, as I had been told it was normal, I saw my GP who said it was fine, no further treatment(no bisphosphonates or Adcal) or further scans needed. Over the following years , despite asking my GP if I should be having dexa scans, I was told not needed.
In June 2010 I read on here that someone on Arimidex was having dexa scans every 2 years. Alarmed, I demanded a dexa scan as due to finish Arimidex March 2011.

Guess what- now got osteporosis!! Angry does not come close to it…
There are NICE guidelines on the management of bone loss in women with breast cancer or early menopause (2008) - please read these to ensure you are being managed correctly(sorry, haven’t got the link- google NICE guidelines)
I would also strongly recommend contacting the NOS(National Osteoporosis Society)- they are really hot on this topic of women being treated with AIs and depending on what the result (T score) of your dexa scan, will advise you as to the recommended treatment you should have.
Hope this helps. XXX

I showed osteopena and osteporosis when I started arimidex 7 months ago. I was offered one of the bisphosphonates as well as Adcal. I decided against the bisphosphonate as I can’t even eat an orange on an empty stomach.
My GP suggested Strontium and that has to be taken 2 hours or more either side of any calcium supplement. The prescription is strontium ranelate which is a powder which you take as a suspension in water. I also buy strontium citrate tablets over the Internet as I prefer tablets to the drink. With that you still have the Adcal.
I have been doing a 2 hour brisk walk at least once a week and a couple of 20 minute shorter ones. I have noticed my lower back is a lot stronger but that could be a muscular improvement from the walking - it used to just vaguely hurt.
I’m also trying to balance my food intake with less protein and half of every snack / meal vegetables or fruit. I bought Jane Plant’s book on osteoporosis long before I got BC, and it is helpful but difficult to read.

All I know with certainty is do not take biphosphanates(for bone loss) with ANYTHING other than plain water.milk,tea,juice even mineral water reduces the absorbancy of these drugs significantly.I have taken alendronic acid (alendronate) for 4 years,with MILK and TEA! bone loss has continued,yet to find out definitively,why. I am sure the leaflet that came with it then said’take with water’. The leaflet has I believe been reprinted in 2010 to say the above quite clearly now.

Hi all,

I’m on Aromasin rather than Arimidex. My DEXA scan showed mild osteopenia and I am now taking Adcal-D3 and weekly alendronic acid (started at the beginning of December). I was told to take the alendronic acid with plenty of water, first thing in the morning and then nothing else (including any other medication) at all for an hour. Also to remain upright until after I’d eaten breakfast, and to leave 4 hours before taking the Adcal.

My consultant has said that it is possible that the bisphosphonate will restore normal bone density in time as the osteopenia was picked up when only mild. So far the side effects haven’t been too bad, so with the possibility of restoring normal density I’m encouraged to continue with it - at the moment at least!

I get quite a lot of weight bearing exercise, but am looking at ways to increase that further.