Arimidex, Femara and generics.

I’m having a consultation on Thursday when AIs will be discussed and prescribed. I’ve read a lot on here about how people get fewer side effects on Femara than on the generic brands but haven’t seen the same about Arimidex. As I’m in France, it may be possible for me to get the branded drug rather than the generic so I wondered whether anybody’s found the same to be true on Arimidex?


As my appointment is tomorrow I just wanted to bump this in case anybody had any information. Thanks.


I’m on letrozole (only since October) and the ones I have at the minute are Teva. I don’t remember what the first lot were but pretty sure they weren’t the same. Got 1st lot from hospital and 2nd from local pharmacy. I’ve not noticed any difference at all. The only side effect I had was hair thinning but that seems to have petered out.

This probably is no help whatsoever but just my experience so far.