Arimidex HELP

Hi All, I am to start taking arimidex tonight after 2years on tamoxafem, I have just finnished reading posts and I am terrified, has anyone been able to take these tablets with no side effects are very little. I am 52 and over the last 2years I have had double masc with ld flap recon. I am hopeing to start back to work next month but reading the posts how could you ever hold down a full time job. I had very little side effects on tamoxafam and got on with life very well but the posts for arimidex, hair loss, pain in joints and bones,dry mouth and sinus and the list goes on. PLEEZZZZZZ is it that bad?

Hi Bellakate
I’ve just done the opposite to you, been on arimidex for 18 months and Onc just changed me to Tam. as he thinks my lack of hair regrowth may be due to the Arimidex. I actually disagree and am convinced it is due to the Docetaxol chemo I had.
Apart from the possible hair growth problems, I hardly had any side effects from the Arimidex, so its not all bad, please remember that more often than not, if patients are SE free, they dont bother to post or comment on these forums - I didnt until I got frustrated with my hair not coming back.
Hugs, <<<< >>>>

Barb xx

Hi Bellakate
I have just completed my 5 years on Arimidex and have come out the other end just with some bone thinning which is manageable and one or two stiff fingers. I feel very well and I have had no problem doing anything I could do before cancer and Arimidex. I had an MX of the right breast in Nov 2007 and the DIEP reconstruction in May 2010. I am fortunately able to be very active, walking and horse riding, and will keep up the walking because of the bone thinning. I have a full time job which incurs long days sometimes and travelling but I am 56 now so any tiredness i put down to age. Side effects manifest themselves differently in each individual due to our individual make up so don’t feel too disheartened yet about taking Arimidex as you may be like me have few side effects and/or you may be able to overcome them with help and support.
Kind Regards

Hi Bellakate
i have been on Arimidex since August 2012, and have no issues with the medication. I do not have hot flushes, or nausea. I have been tired but have had a year of treatment - including lumpectomy, mastectomy, chemo (FEC), radiation and tram flap reconstruction, and believe the tiredness is more due to that than the medication. I maintain a healthy diet, with no coffee or alcohol, as well as regular exercise, and I believe that helps. I am working full time.
I hope you have similair success.

P.S. My hair is thicker now that it was before my treatment. I lost it during chemo, but it came back when I was on Arimidex. With regards pain in joints - my feet sometimes ache, but they did that before I started the Arimidex, and I do not believe it is any worse now. I certainly do not have dry mouth or any issues with sinus.
hope that helps.

Thankyou both for your comments. I spent all last night reading posts and I think I have just scared myself. I’m usually very positive but I am only 10 weeks after my second masc recon so still abit down. After all we have done to proctect ourselves from cancer you would think this would be the easy part, just to take one small tablet but I am scared. Reading your post Barb and Marcey have give me hope that it will be ok. I’m not normally a moan and I will keep on fighting but wouldn’t it be nice if some of this journey we are on was pleasent. Big Hug

I have been on Arimidex since the beginning of January, 2013 and have had no side effects at all. Consultant sent me for a bone scan which was normal as a bench mark and also prescribed caclichew tablets to hemp with my bones.

Hi Bellakate
I read lots of posts about arimidex and was really scared about taking it; I was sick with fear at the thought even of taking the first tablet. The thought of hair loss was the most scary but like Nannabarb I think my hair loss issue is more connected with the Docetaxel chemo I had. Anyway, I took anastrozole for a few months and was fine with it, so when they changed me on to exemestane I started panicking all over again, but so far so good - just a few aches and pains but then I am in full time work and things are hectic at home so I’m doing really well considering. It’s probably best just going for it and dealing with side effects when (and if) they happen. Wishing you all the best. Pauline x

Thankyou all for your comments, I think I just scared myself with reading such dreadful post on lots of web sites. It realy is just keeping positive. I’ll take each day as it comes and see how it goes. Please God everything will be fine.

Hi, I have been taking Arimidex since Aug 2011. I do/have had a few SE’s but I keep thinking of the reason why I take it!!! No hot flushes for me just joint pain so I take Glucosamine for this. Trigger thumbs but these are rare - trust me to get it :slight_smile: Had Bone Scan at beginnig so Onc happy to prescribe Arimidex. Yes I am tired but I do now work full time and body has been through a lot of trauma so this is expected. I take mine in the evening as recommended by a few ladies on here as if you are to feel nauseaous this would be at night. Good luck x

Thanks for your post Gingerlaces. I think I have been so worried as some of the posts I read were scarey, we all have went through so much it would be nice if we could manage this bit without SE. I just want to start to feel normal again. It just looks like a small white tablet how can it have such an impact on your life. Maybe I will be lucky to have little are no SE, time will tell, I have only taken 2 tablets so far. Keeping everything crossed I’ll be fine.

Hi Bellakate. I tried to post the other day, but couldn’t, for some reason.
I’ve been on first Arimidex and now Anastrozole for nearly 2 years now and haven’t had much trouble with either. I should say that I was further into post-menopause life, mid-60s, and this may make a difference. But menopause wrecked my body thermostat and this isn’t much different now; in particular, I didn’t return to the multiple night sweats which made life hell in my early 50s. I go hot and cold easily, but no worse than before. I did have some additional joint pain for a while, but exercise and a bit of paracetamol or ibuprofen got me past that. I haven’t had any hair thinning, but maybe my skin is a little drier–but that’s hard to tell and might be a hangover from chemo and rads and having the central heating on a lot during cold weather. Even pre-BC, my skin was drier than it once was. I haven’t gained weight, and have lost my chemo weight and more.
If you are one of those who has more problems, be sure to go back to your GP or oncologist and let them know. There are alternatives, and one of these might suit you better. I read that it’s often better to take the tablets at night to avoid some of the more common side effects, so I do that.
Best wishes.

Hi Mezzomamma, Thankyou for yur post it has been very helpful. I have only been taken the tablet for 5 days but in the morning my fingers are diffenitly very stiff. I just keep moving them and later on in the day I dont notice it. I know this is early days so I will wait a while to see if it gets any better. I am 52 now and hair and skin is starting to get dry but I do think that it probably is just my age, I try to take care of myself and keep hair and skin well moisturised and I also take evening primrose oil. Any other ideas for hair, skin and joints at this stage anything that helps is worth a try.

Hi Bellakate. I’ve always had sensitive skin, even when it used to be oily, so I always look for creams and lotions with a minimum of colour and scent. I mainly use E45 cream on my body now, and hypoallergenic moisturiser etc on my face.
I don’t wash my hair every day any more, because that seems to dry my scalp. I’ve always had straight baby-fine hair, and that hasn’t changed.
I can’t remember which vitamins are supposed to be good for your skin–is it E, maybe? Having the heat on for winter doesn’t help of course.
Moving and stretching seems to be the best thing for stiff or painful joints. They really did go back to normal after a month or two.
My fingers are crossed, including the slightly arthritic one (too much paperwork, I always say), that you’ll find that it settles down quickly.

Mezzomamma, your a joy to read. So far just stiff fingers in morning but once I am up and about I realy don’t notice it much. So I should like to think I should be able to manage that. Everything has dryed out but yes I agree It is winter and heating has not been off. Looking forward to change in weather and getting out and about abit more as I had my surgery in November and realy have not done much but sit in the house. Started taken Evening Primrose to see if this will help. Does anyone know if Starflower oil would be better. I’ll try anything to make me feel and look good too?

Hi Bellakate, I was reading your thread as I may have to change to Arimindex after I have had five years of Tomoxifen. When i was having chemo my hot flushes were driving me made,so I brought my self some oil of primrose and it did help. Continued to take it through my chemo, last one I mentioned it to my oncolagy nurse who told me I was not allowed to take it as it helps oestregin in your body, which you don’t want when you have bc. May be different when you are few years from your treatment, but I would not take it without at least talking to my BCN. Hope you don’t get to many se. Take care.

Hi Carolann7, I will check with my breast care nurse about the evening primrose oil Has anone else been told this?

Im just about to start anastrazole which i am told is amidex so thank you for all theese posts - it is the hair thing that worries me as I so want it back - just finished 6 cycles of chemo after a lumpectomy that turned into a mastectomy - I had 3 FEC and 3 Taxotere - i start my 3 weeks of rads next week - will continue to follow these posts and see how you do Bellakate!

Good luck perinjeff with the rads. I can’t realy comment on your treatment as after masc I just needed hormone treatment , 2 years tamoxifem then now I have started 3 years of arimadex ,but it is all a big life change One week in to arimadex and fingers are stiff in morning and a few night sweats but nothing I cant handle. Hopefully that will be all, I think we all have come through enough and at the minute I dont realy think I could cope with much more as I have said before I just want my life back. My younger sister died from breast cancer 5years ago and my older sister is fighting sec breast cancer in bones and blood. Sometimes it gets so much but I just want to look after myself and look good and feel good and not always be so miserable… So anyone with any tips on how to take arimadex problem free please post and make life easier for all us girls on arimadex

Oh you poor thing Bellakate - you have had a lot to cntend wiith - I so understand that you just want your life back - it has been a long 7 months and I feel the radiotherapy and the hormone treatment are a step too far at the moment and like you I am feeling a bit low - I have been on the thread with those that like me have stared chemo in october - the pumpkins, and that has so helped me to gkeep going - I too will value help from this thread too n- so many helpful people out there