arimidex versus generic

Have recently changed from arimidex to the generic version and noticed new side effects. Has anyone else experienced this? 

Hello ET, lots of ladies on this forum report having different side effects with different brands of the same drug. I was given Arimidex at the hospital when I was diagnosed 16 months ago. As soon as I was getting my AI from the GP I was switched to Anastrozole ( being the generic version, it’s cheaper). I’ve found that Teva gives me stiff and painful joints - hands, wrists, ankles - but few hot flushes, with Accord I have little or no joint pain but a lot more hot flushes. I find these hot flushes a nuisance but that’s all, I’ ll put up with them for the protection the Anastrozole is supposed to give me. Some ladies have asked their pharmacy to switch brands if they have found the side effects of one particular type to be too troublesome. Hope you find a brand which you can tolerate, best wishes Pat x

I’ve been on the generic from the start last July, always Teva brand, and got a few power surges and stiff achy finger joints and feet, then a month ago got a different brand, Consilient, which caused my finger joints to swell and be really quite uncomfortable. The pharmacist was lovely and got Teva again for my next prescription, which I started today. I’d cross my fingers if I could!

I started off with Consilient in January.  Aches and pains in the joints to start which subsided after several weeks and lots and lots of hot flushes which continued.  Then 6 weeks ago I changed pharmacist and got Teva and have had so many joint aches and pains since, though the hot flushes are less frequent and less severe.  So now I’m thinking I should try Accord and then decide which is the least worse option!  Bit of a lottery for what is supposedly a generic drug…

Interesting reading about arimidex and it’s generics.  I was prescribed Anastrozole and given one manufactured by Breckenrid.  After 8 weeks I had Posterier Subcapsulary cataracts. I also had other side affects like joint pain, calf cramping, and a metalic taste.