ive been on arimidex for a week now and i am itching like mad anyone else?

Hi Sue - how irritating - excuse the pun. I just thought I would bump this up as no-one has replied. Have you tried searching the forums for this subject?

I found these:-
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Ann x

Hi Sue
I was switched from Tamoxifen to Armidex in March and I had a major reaction which started with itching in the ankles and legs. At the time I could not find anyone else who had been through the same thing, but the dermatologist who I eventually saw said that they are beginning to see more women coming through with itching and rashes.

If the itching becomes worse and if you see a red rash please contact your oncologist or breast care nurse first - as it is possibly a reaction to the Armidex - don’t be like me who put up with it thinking it would get better and ended up in hospital one Sunday night with lots of complications.

I am now back on Tamoxifen and I still have problems with my skin - I was not a happy bunny for a few months.


I have been taking Arimidex for 6 months and too suffer with itchy skin I have tried several tablets to help and found the one I am on now phenergan help its not gone altogether but a lot better and bearable. I dont want to come off Armidex so its a small pirce to pay but ver fustrating

Have you seen the threads on itching on Tamoxifen? I know it’s a different drug but assume the response and effect is similar?

There’s aquite a few of us on Tx who are itching - the only solutions so far via GPs have been the use of topical emmolient creams and oral antihistamines.

Good luck xx