arm and hand so cold

Am interested to know if anyone else has the same issue, now the cold weather has started again my arm and especially my hand are noticeably colder than my “ok” arm/hand. In fact my hand is freezing all the time and is cold to the touch!!

Have had a look at Dr Google but can’t find anything, so am wondering if it’s just me!

Would be grateful for any response, thank you xx

Hi katyto, 

I am really sorry to hear you have been feeling the cold.

You may want to post on ourAsk Our Nurses section or call ourhelpline on 0808 800 6000 who will be able to talk through any questions you may have. The opening hours are below. 

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
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Hi katytc, I have the same thing! I had mx in sept 14 with various implant and infection complications. My bad hand is always much colder than non operated side. Neither the lymphodema nurse nor my surgeon can explain it. I did have lymphodema for a while but it went away when my expander was exchanged for permanent implant 6 months ago, but the hand remains cold.

Hi riversidedawn, thank you for responding, think we are the only two with freezing cold hands?? haha!

Hope you are doing well now, sounds as though you had a tough time.

Don’t think it’s normal to have such a difference in hands but must be due to something else…xx

Hi katytc
Just to let you know, my hand is always colder, regardless of the weather, in the arm that I have Lymphoedema. I think it’s to do with the compromised circulation X

Thank you needles for responding, I thought it maybe that too, but because there only 3 of us am not so sure now and cannot find anything relating to those issues.

Will def ask next time I visit clinic, many thanks xx

I’ve just come across this post after a google search of the same thing. My hand and arm are always cold, painfully so. I’m actually at the gp today to discuss it and have been given cocodamol for the pain that I get. The pain definitely is worse come the winter months however its very cold and sore today and it isn’t that cold. My hubby said its circulation which I could understand if my arm was swollen but it’s not. My lymphedema is pretty controlled at the moment. I have good days and bad days with it but it’s a nightmare because my bad arm is my writing arm and I’m struggling with even lifting the kettle theses days. I need a new reconstruction because my implant has failed (4 yrs down the line) and I need to have a DIEP flap but the surgeon won’t do it till my arm settles down.

Kander will be really interested to know how you get on today, I feel it is not normal whatsoever as arm and hand are so cold, not a little but freezing cold, I keep dropping things and find kettle lifting difficult at times too, my lymphodema is also under control. I did ask about it but they thought there was no connection regarding lymphodema at all and did think it was a circulation issue. I feel there must be some connection surely??

So am surprised at your answer atat, the next time you go can you ask a little more about it please?

Good luck regarding your reconstruction, lets hope it’s soon and all goes well for you, a lot to go through, hugs to you xx

Hi Katytc

My Gp thinks it’s lymphodema although she did state she isn’t and expert and has referred me to the local lymphodema clinic as I was having to travel for mine and appointments were sparse. She’s sent me for a shoulder xray just to double check bit I’m not worried about it. When I go to the clinic I will ask her about the cold hands/arm thing.

Thanks for replying x

Hi Atat.
The coldness is the worst bit for me. It make the pain worse too so I walk round looking I’m in Antarctica wrapped up to the nines. I don’t cope with cold at the best of times, even more so since the chemo so to feel it so badly in my arm is just horrid.
In the kind of gal who wears fleesy pyjamas in the middle of a heatwave (not joke).