Arm Pain

Hi All

Been on Tamoxifen now for 1yr and 5mths for the last 3months i have been having pain in my left arm (op was on left boob).

It feels like a burning sensation and it is painful. Thought it could maybe be a trapped nerve but i am wondering if it could just be a side effect of the op (lumpectomy).

When i drive or hold anything in my arms the pain is terrible, i dont have an appointment to see my consultant till January.

Thought i would post here to see it is common first before i go to my GP.

Allison xx

Hi Allison

I had similar to this last January - abt 15 mths after op. It was a burning stinging pain that at times was really severe. It seemed to be mainly on the inside of my forearm and painkillers were no help - the only thing that seemed to was to place those ice gel pack thingies on it. I did mention it to onc who said to keep an eye on it but have since read that others have been told its down to nerve endings from the lymph removal? It went after a few weeks and although I get an occasional shooting pain there the discomfort has eased a lot.

Love Laine

Thanks Laine

That advice was good thanks.

I was in the shower yesterday when i have come out and got dried i noticed well felt a lump just to the side of my armpit again on the left hand side whr i had my op!!

I am absolutely terrified, thinking to myself… arm pain now lump on the bad boob…Could this be it back Mmmmm!!!

Cried all day yesterday as my life is getting the best its every been … this cant be happeniing again,Could it???

Allison xx

Hi Allison

I am not sure but I havnt heard of this pain being associated with anything dire? Could the lump be an enlarged lymph/nerve/fibrosis etc which in itself is causing the pain? You know what I am going to say - get it checked tomorrow, ring your BC nurse. Dont just worry when it can be sorted…let us know.

Love Laine

Hi Laine

Thanks very much for your reply i will go to the Gp tomorrow and have it checked…

Lol…im laughing cos i have had one of those magnifying mirrors out checking to see if it was an ingrown hair or anything other than just a lump…wot a site this was lol…

The lump is on the joint of my shoulder just on the outside of my armpit, its a pretty hard lump but hey so can cysts be too…

Margaret i have mailed you haope you get it.

Laine i will get back and let you know wot the outcome is tomorrow … thanks very much for answering this thread …

Luv Allison xxx