Arm sensation and itching

Hi ladies

Yet another problem I am unsure about.

My BC side arm has been really uncomfortable, I feel like on the underside of the arm near the elbow crease there is something not right, but my physio lady has felt it and says it feels ok, no swelling and normal.

However, I’ve also had a strong itchy sensation around this area, as yet no marks other than a slight red line in the area.

I’ve been wondering if this itchy feeling is due to nerves coming back to life, like when a scar starts to itch as it gets better.

Has anyone else had this?

Love Carole xx

Sorry carole havn’t heard of this one… i guess i would have suggested lymphodema as it was the underside of my arm that first felt strange… I’ve been having loads of problems with my shoulder this last couple of weeks… it all started when i had the recent MRI… It really didn’t like being in that position for so long…:frowning:

Hope someone else can help you more…


Hi there,

I would have said lymphoedema, too, but with your physio keeping such a close eye on you, it doesn’t seem so likely.

I think our arms get put in all sorts of unnatural positions when we are treated for bc. And there is also nerve damage and fibrosed tissue to consider, scarring, trapped nerves, muscle weakness. It’s no wonder we get many weird sensations.

I used to get itching where I was numb - maddening. It did settle down and has all but gone over the years.



hello ladies

well the itching didn’t seem to last very long, thank goodness so maybe it was “just one of those things”

I’ve started to take measurements of my arm to keep an eye on it, because from all I describe, you experts seem to think of lymphoedema. I asked the physio lady about L and she said it starts usually just after the operation and not some time after - I don’t believe her I’m afraid, she doesn’t have it so I prefer to believe those who do.

I do find using the computer for too long at a time seems to give me the worst problems with my whole arm, hand throbs and generally feels uncomfortable.

Sorry to hear that your shoulder has been playing up Theresa, again this does seem to be a common problem for BC ladies. Maybe it will improve after your operation, you will be more balanced then if that is the cause.


Hi Peacock

Glad the itching is better - could it have even have been a touch of prickly heat?

'Fraid your physio lady is wrong (and you’re right) about when lymphoedema can start. It can be straightaway, but can also develop at any other time. Average interval between treatment and developing it is 3.5 years.

I think the measurements will help to provide you with concrete proof of any change, Peacock, or better still, everything crossed for you, no change.



Hi Peacock

I have heard of a complaint call ‘tracking’. Unfortunately I didnt pay that mych attention to it because if was for people that had had quite a few lymph nodes removed, I only had a small number removed, me me me (sorry) but you might be able to ask a professional for more info on Tracking - something to do with the nerve damage.

I also have suffered the dreadful itch, a coolish bath and an antihistimine has helped me, it returned a few days later so i did the same and it has not returned again so far. I put it down to something to do with the hair follicles as im at the start of my third week after my first chemo (FEC) and the hair is on the way out.