Armpit clearance

Hi ya, had this done on Tuesday, feel numb Under arm and feels like tearing stinging sensation inside, what’s it felt like for others like me and what to expect xxxxx

It’s exactly one year since I had my surgery - WLE and 11 lymph nodes removed.  I am trying to remember - but one thing I would recommend is that you follow the post-surgery exercises - gently gently of course to start, but you will be glad that you do.  I had some ‘cording’ and all the advice given by the nurses and exercise sheet  helped so much  -  it’s the last thing we really feel like doing, I know, but it’s really important to keep the arm movement, but not straining with lifting etc of course.  Hopefully, someone with a better memory than me and who has had surgery much more recently can advise - I do still have numbness in the armpit area, but it doesn’t trouble me, I have full arm movement, and am keeping everything crossed that it stays trouble free ( I am 64 ).  I don’t know if this any help to you . . . . .all the best xx

Hi Alvilago


I’m 9 weeks post-op from mx and full node clearance 

I had my nodes removed through my mastectomy wound but my arm pit is still completely numb! I haven’t had any stinging sensation in my arm pit but I have on my mx wound…I have done my exercises religiously 3 times a day but in the last few days I seem to have developed cording,  I assumed that would develop earlier than this to be honest but I’m going to give my physiotherapist a ring next week for advice! 


All the best ??



The stinging sensation is just how I remember it!  I’m two years on now and I would say the strange feelings in that area never really go away but they change and generally you just get used to it!  I’m now finding my nerves are repairing - the area under my armpit in the last couple of months is no longer “totally numb” and it feels quite weird to have some feeling back in that area!  


I did suffer badly with cording in the early days - I religiously carried out the exercises three times a day and with very gentle massage, up the arm towards the shoulder it did improve.  Even now, if I’ve been doing too much or not enough exercise using my arm - I get discomfort.  


It’s just a case of getting used to the new normal - whatever that is!!  


Take care of yourself and take each day as it comes - smile and be happy x