Armpit Discomfort

I am 39 years old and for the last 3 weeks have constant discomfort and burning feeling in my left armpit. I have had this before but it resolved in 2 weeks. I had a breast ultrasound in February (only one benign enlarged lymph node in left axilla…no pain at that time) and again 2 weeks back which was Birads -2 one small cyst in the left breast and an enlarged lymoh node in each axilla …both deemed to be benign). Have visited the breast surgeon who said it is probably musco-skeletal as I also have pain in my neck, shoulder and that radiates down my hand. Looking for some assurance here - had anyone had armpit discomfort last this long and it not being something sinister? Can benign lymph nodes cause this pain - I cant feel them at all. The breast surgeons already view me as an anxious hypochondriac.

Hi @Saumya Shekhar  - I’d like to start by welcoming you to this lovely forum, I’m glad you found it and reached out for support but obviously very sorry that you are going through this anxious time.

I don’t agree that you are a hypochondriac, not at all. You know your own body and are simply wanting to be absolutely certain that there isn’t anything wrong. There are many reasons for breast changes, most of which are harmless, but I can totally understand that you want to know why you have this discomfort and burning feeling in your armpit.

My suggestion to you would be to give the lovely nurses on here a call to chat things through as they are medically trained (and I’m not). Their number is at the top right of the page - 08088006000. They may be able to reassure you or to guide you what to do next.

I hope you get the reassurance you are looking for and a harmless reason for the discomfort, plus a solution. Best wishes, Evie

I am having extremely similar symptoms. Had a mammogram which was normal 6 months ago. How are you doing now?