Armpit/lymph node pain 3 months post radiotherapy

I finished my radiotherapy mid December and I suffered no real ill effects at the time, but now feels really tender and sore around the lymph area under my arm. I had a sentinel node biopsy (which was clear) and lumpectomy and breast reduction, back in May 17 then chemo (as I had TNBC) followed by radiotherapy. Could this be late effects of radiotherapy? Don’t want to rush to doctors after every symptom!

Hi Denijames,

Did you have radiotherapy to breast only (as usually given when lymph nodes are clear)? I’m not quite sure what you mean by TNbreast cancer and whether that means they may have targetted underarm as well as breast?

If you didn’t have radiotherapy targeted at the underarm I doubt the level of zap received would be very high that far away from the targeted breast area. 

I would be inclined to visit your doctor to discuss it and hopefully put your mind at ease. You have had bc, so it is reasonable to visit the GP about it.



Denijames - I too finished my rads mid December and am exactly the same as you - had no real ill effects afterwards but now I am suffering tender ribs and the lymph area under my arm.  I am seeing the consultant tomorrow so hopefully he will be able to confirm whether it’s an affect of the rads.  I have been doing lots of research on here and it would appear it is quite a common side effect which occurs some time after the rads have finished.


I’ll report back after tomorrow! 

Hi i also have rib oain front and back feels tight when I move breath etc axilla was treated as well as breast very numb with shooting pains under there also itchy sometimes i also have limited movement in that arm / shoulder apparently this is all from rads i examine myself under there when i have my weekly feel if you are worried though get it checked out or ring your bcn

Oh and i finished rads in Jan mine has got progressively worse which i thought was strange surely it would improve but as Jay said late effects of rads i do arm exercises to try to help x

Good afternoon ladies,


been reading these posts/replies with interest.

diagnosed Feb.2017 with tnbc, 2 lumps removed , one malignant n the other benign.

had surgery 14th March 2017,  both lumps remved as a precaution and 3 lymph nodes ( which were clear )

15 sessions of radiotherapy n wanted me to also have 6 chemos sessions which i declined…

just had my first mammogram since all this started which came back normal…


really just wanted to say that although i am 1 year on from surgery and 9 months on from finish of radiotherapy i still have swelling/soreness in my armpit and some lymphodema around my breast with tenderness.   I was told that the body will need time to recover from radiotherapy and what i am feeling is perfectly  normal.


i have an appt with my surgeon on the 16th and will talk to her about this n then post on here what she said.

its easy to make oneself ill with worry but we must all be positive :heart::heart:

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