armpit mango driving anyone else nut nut?

Considering some of the other situations other ladies on this forum my current problem seems pretty small ,but the seroma under my arm is at full size i think now judging by the stretch on my newly glued scar.will it burst …? Is there a way for me to strap my armpit after my next aspiration so it cant fill up again ? Any thoughts before i get the diy kit out ??(obvs kidding )!

Just me then ?lol

Sask why don’t you ask the nurses in the Ask the Nurses section see if they have any suggestions ?

Thanks for replying tbh  i had a big rant after i got the runaround last weds and ended up in a+e for 5 hours! , am having it drained again for the 2nd time tomoz thank god !have had more support and info given by this forum than any of the bc nurses .fingers crossed it wont fill up again ( bc nurse the other day said that if it did burst my scar to put a sanitry towel on it !!) Who rather it was dealt with properly before that happens thanks ?x