Armpit radiotherapy

Has anyone had this and what are the side effects? I have the choice to have this or not (or join the POSNOC trial). I have only 1 node with cancer. 

Hi Kickasskate

I had 5 lymph nodes with cancer, which was removed in surgery. I had Radiotherapy in my armpit, I had 15 sessions.

I had a lot of pain and burning in the armpit, Iv been applying Shea butter with lavender and CBD oil, which has really helped. 

Good luck with radio 

I was originally asked to join the POSNOC trial too, but my tumour turned out to be 1mm too big for the trial. I had one affected sentinel node and am having by axillary nodes removed by radiotherapy (because I was having breast wall radiotherapy anyway) starting in 3 weeks. The radiologist advised that the risks of lymphoedema are less than having them removed surgically, but if i hadn’t been having radiotherapy anyway, surgery would probably have been the only option where I am.


I had great difficulty finding out much about other people’s experience, but am happy to update you on my experience in a few weeks time if that’s helpful.