aromasin exemestane

hello ladies, i was diagnosed with breast cancer in april, had 2 operations and 17 rads, lymph glands were clear so no chemotherapy, i was put on tamoxifen, but it caused terrible side effects, crying all the time [when i was not sleeping] headaches and massive weight gain 2 stones in 4 months, my oncologist said the weight gain was water retention , he took me off tamoxifen and put me on aromasin, thankfully i have stopped crying but i cant shift this excess weight my thighs are actually sore they have stretched so much, i went in to holland and barretts yesterday and explained to the lovely lady what had my problem was , and she point blank refused to sell me anything, she said ask a pharmasist, so i nipped in to boots, she refused to give me anything either, is water retention something you have to put up with ? i dont feel ill so dont really want to bother my GP, and my appointment with my oncologist is not untill feb , does anyone have any sugestions please ,sorry i dont mean to moan but i have gone up from a size 10/12 to a size 16 and i can see by feb at this rate i will need a tent,

hi, i am on aromasin too, and have put a good stone on since March, my GP says it is because it is an appitite enhancer, i have tried to be so careful what i eat and still no luck, i am going to the gym 2x week and still putting it on, if you find some thing that helps please let me know, i was a size 10 now am struggling to stay in a 12 and it is very depressing. i know everyone says " you look so well " why worry " i also know we should be grateful of the good it does but it would be nice to lose a little !


Hi girls, I can fully empathise with you. I was on Aromasin, but now Letrozole and have put on about a stone. Cant shift it for love nor money. Been to the gym, toning tables, diets, starved and not lost an ounce. Its mainly gone on around my lower belly, a proper spare tyre. I too am struggling to stay in a 12, I currently live in legging and nice long tops, which is fine whilst its the fashion. I get all the usually comments as well, but when youre feeling fat it really doesnt help and on top of it my husband is a fitness fanatic and doesnt have an ounce of fat of him, so I feel like the Michelin woman at the side of him.
and Angie, if you are sure it is water retention, go to your GP, I know how you feel about not wanting to bother but he could put you on some tablets to get rid of the fluid.

Nettle tea is supossed to help with water retention so might be worth a try, does not taste too bad esp. with lemon. Marli

hello ladies, thanks for your reply,s i went to my GP and explained what the oncologyst told me about fluid retention, he looked at me as if i had just landed from mars, poked my fat and said its not odeama ??? [did not like 2 ask] he said there is no easy remedy, i have had 2 have some MORE blood tests, the last results couldent be traced, i asked if there was anything i could do myself 2 help the situation , and was answered with a blank stare, basically put up and shut up … i am off 2 get some of that nettle tea today thank you i will give it a go ,every one says i look so well and that i should be greatfull that my cancer was treatable, i am so relieved and greatfull but i just feel so sluggish and fat nothing fits at all only LEGGINS … hubby took me 2 the sales yesterday and i stocked up on them , so if the nettle tea fails at least i can get dressed in the new un shabby un laddered dreaded LEGGINS