aromasin(exemstane) horrible dizziness, help please!

I have secondaries and have finished chemo in march,have been on aromasin since then, have developed over time joint pain which i have gotten used to!! but just 2 days ago woke up and when i sat up in bed the room spun and i couldnt focus properly, since then have felt light headed and dizzy and have had the room spinning a couple of times. is it usual for this kind of side effect to develop over time?? Just come back from holiday and wondering if it could be inner ear infection or something …any one experienced this??
thanks v much xxxx

Get it checked,
might not be the meds although I dont now anything about your meds.
I had the same a couple of years back and I was diagnosed with menierers.Dont have the spins now,just dizzyness,unsteadiness,tinnitus and hearing lose.
Could also be an infection that could be helped with antibiotics like Labyrinthitis.
Sorry I cant be more help than this.
Jeanie xx

Hello CurlyC

I agree that you should get this checked.

Dizziness can be a side effect of Aromasin but not - I think - as bad as you describe. I’ve been on Aromasin for two years and - in addition to the joint pains etc. I get slight dizziness sometimes.

Where did you go on holiday and did you travel by air? I’m inclined to agree this could be something to do with your ears or could be an infection. Hope you get it sorted out soon.
Anthi x

hi Jeanie and Anthi
thanks for your comments, i love this site everyone is always so supportive, I will ring docs tomorrow and get an appointment, i try and avoid goin the docs as much as poss normally!
thanks v much