Aromatase inhibitors


Tried all 3, either send me into a disconnected depressive state, or other side effects like something wants to push out of my womb.

Exmesatane/ anaztrozole - 

Exmesatane - deep depressive dissociated state after 3-4 months, continued tiredness .

Letrazol - something wanted to push out of my womb after 3 weeks.

Anaztrozole - palpitations,dizzy, disconnected.

 After 2 weeks 

Exmesatane would be go to choice if had to , does anyone take anything other then antidepressants,-??? - I can’t seem to function on serotonin antidepressants/ tried in past before diagnosis.

Supposed to be trying tamoxifen at some point.

Hormone positive, grade 3 ,stage 1a finished all treatment last September.

Currently been on prostap for 13 months which does not affect my mood as much.

Tired/ concentration issues

It’s certainly worth trying Tamoxifen as it does work in a different way to the AIs . I know you are not the only one on the forum to struggle with how these drugs affected their mental health . My oncologist was happy for me to continue with Tamoxifen post hysterectomy as I have other health issues that would be impacted on by AIs he said it was marginally less effective post menopause than AIs .Hope you feel a lot better soon and find something that suits you .