has anyone had experiences of ascites? I’ve had it now for 4 weeks…2 weeks ago they drained 6 litres off, and a few days ago drained 8 litres. It seems to be coming back so quick, and gets so uncomfortable it’s hard to move/eat/do anything! I’m on my 3rd cycle of taxol and wondered if anyone has had the same thing happen, and if it’s gone. It’s really getting me down. I feel so low most of the time, and am really struggling with the chemo and constant hospital visits for blood transfusions, platelet trans etc.

i had 2 episodes of ascites,one went with water tablets,and last week i had 4 litres drained off as an in patient, i do feel it’s coming back again tho so suppose i 'm in for another session soon.8 litres is a lot!!! i found it to be v uncomfortable and i looked really odd.where did you have it done and how long was the drain in???

thanks for your reply. I had it drainede at the Royal Marseden in London, it took 48 hours. I came out of hospital on Saturday night and it’s already coming back again. I look so misshapen…my trousers don’t do up, and it gets really uncomfortable to eat. I hope it stops soon!!! and I hope it stops for you too!!

I also had an ascites but was treated with water tablets and so far it hasn’t come back though I did have very swollen ankles about a week later, they were so bad the onc thought I had a DVT. It was very uncomfortable and mine was not as bad as yours. good luck