asked to go back for a scan

Hi everyone
I posted one post recently as I was waiting for my results and the area where they did needle biopsy had swelled up.

have i had needle biopsy i was told it was probably hormonal. I had mammogram and then went home. This was on 30th November. Today i receive a phone call asking me to come back for scan on Tuesday afternoon. I asked woman who phoned what was wrong. she said that she could not tell me but not to worry.

would they have called me back for scan if other results were okay. I am very worried as I had convinced myself i was okay but now wondering. I have read some posts of women who were told all okay and then later found out they had breast cancer. Is all this confusion usual

would appreciate you advice. Thank you

Jane x

Hi Jane

This is a tricky one. They must have a reason to call you back, but it doesn’t mean it’s cancer. I really dont want to scare you with what I say but none of us know what is going on and cannot give you false hope. All I can say is I hope everything works out for the best and let us know how it goes.

Julia xx

I would imagine it is an ultrasound scan which can be used to check out irregularitie like cysts.

thank you very much for you advice and comments. I will let you know. My appointment is tomorrow pm so will put post on in the evening.

This forum is such a good support to all.


Jane x