Asprin blocks the growth of triple negative breast cancer?

…or so the headline goes- has anyone any infomration on the research behind the above news-story?

Rattles x

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I just read an article on it. Very interesting indeed if you are triple neg.

I also read this article but the one I read in a well known paper didnt specify triple neg just said BC ? confusion reigns already anyone else know anymore details wouldnt that be wonderful a small dose asprin to keep cancer at bay it really would be a miracle if true

The couple of articles that I read mentioned triple neg and also is boosted the effects of tamoxifen. It is all something to do with the stem cells apparently. But also prolonged use has other SE’s also :frowning:

Rattles, I’ve read about aspirin possibly preventing cancer spreading/metastasis but research is still in early stages. It seemed good enough for me so I’ve been taking a low dose aspirin since I had my op last September, along with VitD3 supplements. the other reason I take it is to offset the clotting risks associated with Tamoxifen. Em Xx

I have also taken a low dose aspirin since my operation in March last year. I take it to counteract clotting risk from tamoxifen & there is heart disease in our family so I reckoned it would do no harm. My Onc said she couldn’t recommend it but it is a very effective drug. If it helps stop cancer growth that is a bonus.

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Well it’s got me thinking for after my op. I’m due in on the 3rd for a lumpectomy then rads and what ever tablet they prescribe. I’ve also been told there is a possibility of chemo.

I might as well stock up now :wink:

Forget this, just deleted it. I was talking rubbish, as usual.

I’d read some research a while ago about aspirin and breast cancer. Someone did a study a few years ago on it.
if you google aspirin and breast cancer I’m sure you’ll come across the study. It suggests within it that women who took aspirin between 3 and 5 times a week really reduced their chances of recurrence. There was no extra benefit to taking it every day. So for the last 18 months I have taken a 75mg aspirin every other day; that’s 3 one week and 4 the next. It didn’t say within that research which actual types of BC it is beneficial in, but here’s hoping its of benefit to all of us!
Reading the article today in the Daily Mail reassured me a bit more!
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Hello ladies
I was asked if I wanted to take part in the trial for the drug - Celecoxib - it’s known as the REACT trial and is apirin based. I’m triple negative and so no further treatment since surgery, chemo and rads. I had 5 affected nodes, one with extra nodal extension, lympho-vascular invasion and satellite tumours so I was very keen to take part. However, there was a query about whether or not I’m allergic to aspirin so they wouldn’t let me take part. As I’ve taken aspirin in the past without appearing to have a reaction I would have rather taken that risk than risk the cancer returning or metastasising. Of course I may have ended up with the placebo instead.
I noticed they’re not recruiting now but are awaiting the results. The trial was to take the drug for 2 years and then there’s the monitoring afterwards so it’ll be a while before the results are published.

There was some discussion as to whether I should have been put on low dose aspirin around the time of my diagnosis, as I was diagnosed at the same time with a high platelet disorder. In the end I didn’t (not knowing about this possible benefit at the time), but I did unfortunately develop blood clots so now I’m on daily heparin shots. My guess is that I may stay on anticoagulants long-term, but failing that, at least on the low dose aspirin. I won’t be able to take that WITH the anticoagulants anyway … I suppose all will be revealed eventually.

I’m triple Neg…caught it early and had double mastecomy and reconstruction in Oct 2011. I took Taxotere to increace my percentage rate for no recurrance. Had bad side effect. Should have taken aspirin. I have never heard anything about that.