At what stage do you get allocated an oncologist?

Just what the title says really! I’m not going to be able to have surgery (through my own fear) but I’m not being given the opportunity to speak to someone about a different treatment plan. I’m just not sure what is standard practice - the doctor who gave me my results was a surgeon and it’s just been different surgeons ever since. 

Hi JBH316,

I was allocated my oncologist post surgery and discussion at MDT meeting to start chemo. I’m sorry to hear you have a fear of surgery, its honestly not so bad. I would hope your surgeon/consultant would discuss your options at the MDT meeting and then follow up with you. Could you give your BCN a call and perhaps she can help/advise on the process.

Hugs xx

My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer grade 1, just 3 weeks ago. She will be scheduling her surgery this coming Tuesday.   She hates the idea of surgery too, but our cousin had Grade 3 Breast cancer 3 years ago and had a mastectomy.  She said that breast surgery wasn’t bad at all!  Said she didn’t have much pain, and that when she had rotator cuff surgery, it was a lot more painful.  So don’t hold off on surgery totally.  That may be your spot to being cured!!   Also, my sister won’t be seeing an oncologist until after the surgery.  My cousin saw one beforehand… so I imagine that it can be different with each person.  Hang in there and keep us updated!!

Sorry you’re so scared but as others have said surgery truly isn’t optional . It’s the only chance we have of a cure . The rest is just back-up . I had lumpectomy and all lymph nodes removed . I had discomfort but not pain and was OK within weeks . Please talk to your team they can help with the anxiety 

Hi Jbh316

I’ve had surgery this morning and it’s not that bad. The whole team look after you from start to finish. You are given the drugs, start feeling woozy then before you know it, the op is done and they were waking you up! Back to the ward for a couple of hours, then home to your own bed. At the moment I’m not in any pain but it’s only been 12 hours. I have strong painkillers if I need them. 
I hope this reassures you a little bit.