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I haven’t posted for a long time now, but still read the forums occassionally. I finished my treatment in April last year. I had a mastectomy and LD flap recon, 6 cycles of EC chemo and three weeks of rads. I returned to work straight after treatment on a phased return but was made redundant in Autumn last year (I could not do my job properly) and I took the chance to get out as the job was killing me. I had still not returned to full time hours when I was made redundant as I was extremely tired.

I was signed off work by my doctor following my redundancy and claimed esa for first time. I stil suffer from dibilitating fatigue, joint pain, lack of concentration and generally do not feel like I am back to “normal” (whatever that is). I am taking tomoxifen, and I am sure that is not helping my fatigue. I have been put into early menopause so I have hot flushes etc.

I had to attend an ATOS medical just after Christmas, and was phoned recently to be told my ESA entitlement ends as acheived zero points!. As anyone who has been though this knows, the medical questions asked, do not cover fatigue etc. I have been told I can appeal, which I intend to do, as the alternative of jobseekers allowance is a non starter. I could not do my last job full time, so I cannot see that I could do another job ful time. I am signed off by my doctor from work for another few months, so I cannot see how I could claim jobseekers.
I just wondered if anyone had sucessfully appealed in such a situation, and had a postive outcome?
I would like to return to work at some point, but feel right now I need to catch up on some rest and get my energy levels back.

You poor thing, dizzycloud. The system seems very unrealistic and unfair, and now you have to fight at a time when you are still not yourself, I suspect.
I have no experience of this but I hope this reply will move your post up and attract the attention of someone who can help.
I hope you are able to appeal successfully.
Good luck!

It could be worth contacting your local CAB and seeing if they would be able to help. Many of them have specialists, who know what is needed for a successful appeal and some of them can even attend hearings with you. These things can be quite complicated, and it would be good to have someone to fight your corner for you.


Everything benefit related is exceptionally complicated. Even someone not suffering from cancer treatment fatigue would need an expert to help them navigate the system. Don’t panic, as what they are doing is “normal” (for the DWP); they hope you will not be able to face the interview, so you will just withdraw your claim and go away. Of course, you can’t afford to do that so you need some expert help. CAB is a good idea and so is Macmillan. MacMillan may be the best place to start as they understand cancer in particular. They have benefit advisors who can fill in the forms, speak to the DWP on the phone and attend any hearings with you.

Appeals are often succesful, especially when the appellant is represented by an expert.

Good Luck, don’t let the b**tards get you down, xxxx

thanks to everyone who has replied. I have sent a letter in stating I wish to appeal the decision. I still have not received in writing a letter stating they have stopped the ESA. I am going to contact Macmillan to see if they can help me with appeal. It’s all so complicated

Did you also state that you wished the ESA to be paid until the appeal? Hopefully you will then continue to receive ESA because the actual appeal can take months xx

Hi dizzycloud

Here’s a link to Macmillan cancer support, the webpage you will be directed to contains information and advice about financial help and benefits available, they also have a helpline you may wish to call for more advice and you can access the number via this link too:

I hope you find this helpful.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

I had to fill out an ATOS medical form recently, and I may be asked to attend the ‘medical’. I have experienced this once before, over 3 years ago. Please contact: 1) Macmillan 2) Appeal straightaway! 3) Contact the DWP DLA (Disability Living Allowance) section, and get the application form for DLA, and don’t hold back, when you fill it in, on how your illness and treatment still affects you.
I already receive the DLA ‘mobility’ allowance; I used to get the ‘middle care’ component but I don’t need that at the moment. (Any DLA allowance you receive goes on for 3 years). If I have to go for an ATOS ‘medical’ soon and if I score ‘nil points’ I will appeal straightaway!
You need a good break I think? Find out about all you could be entitled to.
Regards, Jen.