Attention all TBNC sufferers - complementary therapy?

Hi Fellow Sufferers,

Getting desperate about the lack of progress with orthodox treatment I have been looking at complementary therapies. Having been on a website that suggested the sugar in all its forms fuelled the growth of cancer cells I started to research more academic papers. What I found has me both appalled and furious. 
Orthodox medicine has been using the diabetic drug Metformin alongside chemotherapy to enhance its effect for sometime. I for one have not had my blood sugar checked since diagnosis back in April, I was pre-diabetic a couple of years ago until I took steps to lower my weight. It hadn’t occurred to me to mention it but neither has any doctor asked me about it or suggested a blood test. Certainly nobody has mentioned Metformin to me.

So ladies if nobody has mentioned glucose and Metformin to you, for goodness sake ask them. There’s little enough treatment for TNBC as it is, so anything that enhances the treatments there are, is surely to be welcomed.