AUGUST '17 Chemo Starters

Hi Ladies


Thought I’d have a go at starting off this thread!


Welcome to all Ladies who are about to start their chemotherapy. I hope you find lots of advice and support here.


This is a surreal time for me, as I was going through chemo this time last year.

At times it was challenging for me, particularly in terms of fatigue, but most of the time I was fine. If you have any questions, I’m happy to help. Hopefully we will get lots of ladies on here to all support each other.


Sue xx

Hi Sue, I start my chemotherapy FEC-T tomorrow and I dreading it.

Hello. I am starting my FECT on Thursday. I am also dreading it, just the fear of the unknown and the possible side effects. I’ve had my tour and a meeting with my oncologist team today and they have answered all my questions so I feel prepared.

Hi Sue, thanks I just want it to be over and done now. Have my hubby coming with me for moral support and cups of tea x

i only got dx today and looks like ill be starting asap before surgery. grade 3 er positive but still waiting for her2 results, im really scared this morning id been told lumpectomy 1st if not her2 positive now ive just been rung by bcn and told chemo first either way after meeting

Hi Sue
I am waiting for an appointment with an oncologist to discuss my treatment plan, it has been recommended by my surgeon that I should have chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy then herceptin. My diagnosis was 15mm grade 3 invasive ducal carcinoma with no sign in lymph glands. I have already had the surgery to remove the tuma and the diagnosis is based on these results. It’s all happened very quickly but I am worried about the chemotherapy especially hair loss without sounding vain, can you give me any advice about this
Emma x

Hi fairy. I was only diagnosed 2 weeks ago myself and am starting chemo this week then will have a lumpectomy then rads. Mine is Er and Her2 negative so different to yours but my oncologist did tell me that they do chemo first a lot more now so try not to worry. I was very scared when I was first diagnosed too. The lovely ladies on here will tell you things will get better and they do. I’m still a bit up and down but am starting to feel more prepared for the road ahead and in time you will too x

Thank you Sue, I will look into the other avenues. Surgery was 4 weeks ago and I am waiting on an initial appointment with the oncologist to discuss treatment. I got married 2 weeks ago and have only just returned from honeymoon which my surgeon explained to the oncologist which is maybe why there is a delay with an appointment. Timing hasn’t been too good really but has helped recovery after surgery. I just think I need to start treatment now and like you say take it day by day xx

Thank you. Had tour of oncology unit yesterday and staff were lovely. Got house as sorted as I can in case I’m not at full speed for a few days. I’m never ill so am dreading the side effects as I hate not being in control, however I have do do this to give myself the best chance for the future. Good luck everyone. Xx

Hi Ali , hope all goes well for you tomorrow, we can hopefully support each other through our treatment. Sending a hug . Xxx

Hi Sib. Good luck for today, hope it all goes well. I’m the same, never ill and am dreading the side effects but it’s great that we can support each other xx

Back home and so far so good. Nurses are brilliant. One down 5 to go!!! Got steriods and ant sickness to take and drinking plenty of fluids. Fingers crossed. Xxx

Glad it went well Sib. Hope you continue to feel ok x

Hope all.goes ok for you tomorrow Ali, will be thinking of you. X

There are some clubs you dont want to join but this is one I find myself joining?. I have had a coulple of surgeries and have my ap with onclology next week. Found it a long wait from the last surgery on 30 June but guess they know best. Getting a bit apprehensive about chemo as it makes it all the more real. Guess I have just thought it is just a lump( well actually lumps and nodes!) and they get cut out and you are sorted. I think it may dawn on me when I start this next stage. Looking to get practical over the next week or so and get everything up to date then let friends and family take over again for a while. Is there anything that anyone can recommend to make life easier whilst on this journey?

Hi Sue, unfortunately didn’t have great night been sick and nauseous most of night. Had to phone helpline who advised to take more anti sickness drugs. Hoping today will improve xx

Home now. It all went well and was very quick. Have all my drugs including the daily injections which came as a less than welcome surprise. Resting and hydrating now xx

Glad you are doing ok. Keep drinking and resting. Xx

How are you feeling now Sib?

Hi ladies
Ali I’m glad it went ok. The injections can be given by a community nurse if you’re not keen. They’re not great, I know, but very good to get your immune system up to par.
Sib how are you doing today?
Sue xx