August 2022 chemo starters

This thread is for anyone who starts chemotherapy in August 2022 to share thoughts and experiences.

And that would be me! Who hoo! First chemo was today in the US. Taxotere and Cytoxan. It was pretty brutal but because of me icing my hands and feet, not from the chemo itself. Got chills from it so that hour and a half was pretty horrible. But no nausea right now. Just tired from a very long day. We’ll see how it goes in the next few days. I’m also fasting (started the day before chemo) although eating a fasting bar with my steroids so keeping it less than 500 calories a day. I’ll start eating normally again tomorrow at 7:00 PM (24 hours after chemo). Hoping that helps. It’s not that hard but I still am looking forward to some real food. Did a cold cap, too, but that wasn’t bad at all. So good in fact that I’m worried it wasn’t tight enough. But my hair was frozen when I took it off so I hope that’s a good sign. Good luck everyone!

And that is me too! Starting 6 cycles of EC on the 19th August. Feeling apprehensive but just want to get started now.

Kay0987 - Glad to hear that your first cycle went well and your feeling ok today? Hope you enjoy your ‘real’ food.

Good luck to all August starts.

Hi I started chemo/immune therapy yesterday. 

I started my first chemo treatment on 3rd of August- 7th day today( EC 3 cycles and Docetaxel 3 cycles). Feeling better today, like I’ve waken up, trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve had some sleeping and dark days, but hoping for the better. 
good luck to everyone!!! 

I met with my oncologist today. Almost 6 weeks post single mastectomy and lymph nodes clearance. I will be starting chemo in the next couple of weeks… I am feeling anxious about it all. Hope being here will be helpful. All the best to everyone.


Hi, I’m starting next Thursday! 

Hi everyone

I started my chemo journey last Friday (3 lots of EC followed by 3 Docetaxel).

I must admit to feeling better than i thought i would be, though i have had to ring the helpline twice as precaution - my face was red & burning (known side effect apparently) and also as my heart feels like it is racing at times (keep a check on it).

I had awful muscles aches yesterday from the injections but found that cetirizine antihistamines have been a massive help (picked up this tip online) - my nurse hadnt heard of it, but its definitely helped me. 

Otherwise just feeling more tired than usual & hoping it continues the same way.

Good luck to everyone